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Signs to Figure out If Your Kid Is Dealing with Addiction-A Review of Emike Oyemade’s Addictions That Can Ruin a Youth

Signs to Figure out If Your Kid Is Dealing with Addiction-A Review of Emike Oyemade’s Addictions That Can Ruin a Youth

Title: Addictions That Can Ruin a Youth and How to Overcome Them

Author: Emike Oyemade

Publisher: Jotham Publishing

Year of Publication: 2022

Number of Pages: 66

Category: Self-Help

When the topic of “addiction” arises, particularly for adults or parents, it often triggers feelings of concern and discomfort. The immediate worry typically revolves around whether one’s child may be involved in addictive behaviors influenced either by peer pressure or independently. Unfortunately, many parents only discover their child’s involvement in addiction when the situation has already escalated significantly.

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While the initial concern for most parents typically centers on drug addiction, Emike Oyemade offers valuable assistance in expanding parents’ awareness by identifying nine additional addictions prevalent among young adults, aside from drug addiction.

Exploring her book not only provides crucial insights and knowledge but also empowers readers to skillfully recognize signs of addiction in the young individuals within their sphere of influence. “Addictions That Can Ruin a Youth” can serve as a comprehensive guide, enhancing awareness and understanding of the issues related to youth addiction.

Emike Oyemade’s background in providing guidance to numerous teenagers lends credibility to the content in her book. Despite the common negative association with addiction, the author approaches the subject with compassion, acknowledging the formidable challenge of breaking free from entrenched addictions.

Prepare to be surprised by the revelations in this compact yet highly informative book, densely packed with knowledge. The various types of addictions are conveniently outlined in chapter titles, allowing readers to directly address concerns that resonate with them. While some may be tempted to skip to specific chapters, it is advisable to peruse all of them, as undiscovered addictions may be present.

The unexpected revelation of “food addiction” is a notable example—excessive eating as a potential problem. As readers delve into the content, a common thread among all these addictions becomes evident—they all start with something seemingly insignificant. Phrases like ‘it is harmless at first’ and ‘you start small’ may resonate, particularly with those who have experienced addiction, evoking memories of their own journey.

Mentioning addiction and hobby in the same sentence may initially confuse readers, but progressing through the book reveals the rationale behind this comparison. For young readers, there may be moments when it feels as if an older individual is reprimanding them.

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If young people are present in your immediate surroundings, obtaining a copy of this book is strongly advised. It enables them to gain awareness about various forms of addiction, and if they are already grappling with addiction, the book serves as a resource for seeking assistance. Additionally, for parents, immersing themselves in the contents of this book will be notably advantageous, providing valuable insights and guidance to effectively navigate and address issues related to addiction among young individuals.

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