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Refreshing Guide to a Life of Purpose

Refreshing Guide to a Life of Purpose

Everywhere you turn, you’d encounter self-help books promising to assist people find their purpose in life. However, you may be surprised to discover that many people endlessly read these books without results. This, unfortunately, is often because these books do not deliver on the expectations.

There are many reasons many people may not achieve their life’s purpose. It may be because they don’t know what they want to do or that they don’t know what can add meaning to their lives. But that’s not how purpose driver and author, Adaora Mbelu, points it out in her book, This Thing Called Purpose.

The unusual book cover and the intriguing title set the tone for great expectations. And does her book tell us something new? The foreword lets the reader know the author would take you on a journey from discovering your purpose to all you need to stay on track regardless of the pressure that might come.

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In This Thing Called Purpose, Mbelu presents her easy, unpretentious material with a text of 161 pages and 2 pages of notes. Divided into 3 parts with 10 chapters each, the author sets up the mood and draws the reader in through a variety of intelligent quotes at the beginning of every chapter.

Part 1 emphasises finding your gifts; Part 2 explains how to accept those gifts; and Part 3 how to use them. This book would take you on a journey to self-discovery, with copious reference to biblical tales and personal stories. The message is clear: purpose is not just about your ‘why’; it is also about your ‘who’ – ‘who will benefit from what I am doing?’ Her simple yet powerful message provides refreshing advice to help you understand the true essence of living.

Stop dissipating energy harnessing skills that are not meant for you when you know that it’s not your calling. The reason you give up on things after a first few attempts is because you have the wrong mindset; just because you are not visible doesn’t mean you are not valuable, advises Adaora in her book.

In This Thing Called Purpose, you will unlearn some of the things you have allowed into your mind and the move confidently in your purpose.

This book is suitable for anyone who needs clarity and direction on their life’s journey.

Book Title: This Thing Called Purpose
Author’s Name: Adaora Mbelu
Publisher: Gr8an Nigeria Limited
Year of Publication: 2019
Number of pages: 161 pages
Category: Self-help

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