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Put your Money to Work: A Review of Tomie Balogun’s Investment Clubs

Put your Money to Work: A Review of Tomie Balogun’s Investment Clubs

Many people do not invest, either because they are scared, think it is too risky, don’t understand the essence of investment or believe their resources are too limited for that purpose. However, investment opportunities abound in Nigeria but only a few are financially literate. That is why Tomie Balogun’s Investment Clubs provides greater understanding on wealth creation and how to avoid investment pitfalls.

Instructional, educational and positive, Investment Clubs helps the reader understand that money is a tool to create wealth beyond their pay cheque by investing with others. In her personal statement, the author explains she wrote the book as a clear and in-depth guide expanding on answers to the frequent emails and direct messages, she receives on how to start and manage an investment club.

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In almost 180 pages which include the appendix and notes, Investor Balogun takes the reader through her life as well as how she and four of her friends started an investment club, their mistakes, and her successful investment journey.

This book is simple, easy to read and storifies what might otherwise have been a boring read. Investment Clubs also contains quotes from various writers including Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen Covey and Neil Kennedy and also presents charts, worksheets and templates designed to get the reader take action on investing, join or start an investment club.

In this must-read for anyone seeking to live above average, the author shares the benefits of joining an investment club and the 4-step process to starting, managing, and growing an investment club. She deals with all the fears of investment clubs by providing solutions and occasionally adding that it is best to put a legal structure in place in addition to basic guidelines for selecting the right members for your club.

Balogun points out that with clear goals and a good understanding of various factors that influence investment, individuals can make investment decisions, based on our personal philosophy. She insists that personal investment philosophies cannot be generic; they must be specific and tailored to our lives.

We are a bit too quick to come up with excuses and procrastinate on investing with others but Balogun believes that if you work well in teams and don’t mind getting on an investment journey with like-minded people, then an investment club is right for you.

Some of the pieces of advice and wise nuggets from the Investment Clubs include the need to never stop learning from experts; that consistency yields result; it is vital to learn from your failure; change is constant, so be dynamic.

For the most part, this is an utterly convincing book that posits that investment clubs are a good idea. Looking for a book that will help you put your money to work? Then Investment Clubs by Tomie Balogun is what you need.

Book Title: Investment Clubs
Author: Tomie Balogun
Year of Publication: 2018
Number of Pages: 173
Category: Investment

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