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Leadership is Not a Path for the Faint-Hearted-A Review of Tope Popoola’s Lead with Common Sense

Leadership is Not a Path for the Faint-Hearted-A Review of Tope Popoola’s Lead with Common Sense

Title: Lead with Common Sense
Author: Tope Popoola
Year of Publication: 2023
Number of Pages: 184
Category: Non Fiction

Upon encountering the title of Tope Popoola’s book, it becomes apparent that he approaches leadership with a serious demeanor. The title, “Lead with Common Sense,” conveys a clear message, indicating that Popoola prioritizes the application of practical wisdom in leadership roles.

The straightforwardness of the title is likely to grab attention, attracting readers interested in leadership principles firmly rooted in practicality. While the decision to embrace leading with common sense is personal, picking up the book signifies readiness to explore and potentially adopt such an approach to leadership.

With Tope Popoola’s extensive experience in training and mentoring leaders, it’s evident that he is well-equipped to write about leadership. He has authored this book with the intent of aiding busy employees who aspire to cultivate a productive organizational culture by empowering their teams. Additionally, the book serves as a valuable resource for young and aspiring leaders, equipping them for the significant responsibilities they will face.

Initially, readers might assume that the author has covered all necessary information in the first chapter. However, they are pleasantly surprised as Popoola continues to provide valuable insights in subsequent chapters.

The book proves to be both informative and enriching, setting itself apart from numerous other leadership books. What distinguishes it is the author’s straightforward approach; he doesn’t beat around the bush and is clearly a no-nonsense individual.

Contrary to the seemingly stern tone of the book title, Popoola demonstrates empathy towards leaders by presenting tips that are simple and practical. These tips, although familiar, are often overlooked by many. The author frequently emphasizes essential qualities such as dependability, reliability, trust, and influence, aiming to evoke recognition and resonance among leaders.

Popoola’s strong faith shines through in his frequent references to the Bible, which serve as a foundation for many of the leadership insights and anecdotes he shares.

For impatient readers or busy executives, each chapter concludes with a summary and actionable steps. This encourages readers to reflect on their current organizational practices, fostering critical thinking and self-assessment. Popoola’s approach avoids leaving readers hanging and offers them tangible tasks to address organizational issues.

Despite Popoola’s apparent affiliation with an older generation, his understanding of and connection with the younger generation are evident, making the book accessible and relevant to readers of all ages.

This 10-chapter book presents a wealth of information, featuring numerous stories that illuminate the challenges faced by various leaders. Through these anecdotes, readers gain insight into the demanding nature of leadership, recognizing that it demands both courage and resilience.

Indeed, this book serves as a valuable resource that can be revisited whenever one feels they’ve lost sight of their leadership capabilities.

Ultimately, readers come to understand that leadership transcends mere titles and is fundamentally about selflessness.

As aspiring leaders, individuals may initially feel overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks and responsibilities associated with leadership. However, the insights provided by Popoola may serve to inspire and motivate them, igniting a sense of anticipation and readiness to embark on the leadership journey.

For leaders currently facing challenges in their roles, this book acts as a guiding light, aiding in the enhancement of leadership abilities and effectiveness.

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