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Journey into the Unknown -A Review of Chika Onyenze’s The Dawn

Journey into the Unknown -A Review of Chika Onyenze’s The Dawn

Title: The Dawn
Author: Chika Onyenze
Publisher: A Masterbuilder Communications
Year of Publication: 2022
Number of Pages: 159
Category: Fiction

Chika Onyenze’s book, ‘The Dawn,’ comprised of 18 chapters, offers a smooth and easy-to-follow narrative style that authentically captures the voice of a 14-year-old author.

Throughout the book, readers will encounter familiar challenges that teenagers often face, such as bullying, competition, and envy from peers. These themes are vividly depicted, resonating with the experiences of adolescence. Additionally, the main character deals with typical issues surrounding relationships with parents and authority figures, providing a comprehensive look into teenage life.

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As the story unfolds, the protagonist, a bright student, navigates through school difficulties and encounters a mystery that sets off a series of intriguing events, testing her curiosity and resilience.

The diary-like structure of the book improves its accessibility and makes it more relatable for teenage readers, leading to an engaging and immersive reading journey.

Readers will be drawn into the captivating drama of the narrative, fueled by the author’s apparent passion for movies and potential background in tennis, which adds authenticity and excitement to the story.

The chapter titles, resembling titles for short stories, offer glimpses into each chapter’s content, teasing readers with anticipation and suspense. The narrative skillfully moves between familiar and unfamiliar territory, keeping readers engaged and intrigued.

The inclusion of Yoruba and Igbo languages adds cultural depth to the narrative, enriching the overall reading experience.

By the end of the book, readers may find themselves longing for more, as it appears that the author has left the story unfinished, perhaps hinting at the possibility of a sequel in the works.

For those interested in psychic powers and compelling storytelling, ‘The Dawn’ promises an enjoyable and engaging read, showcasing the promising talent of its young author, Chika Onyenze.

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