• Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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How to Sell Your Books Directly to Readers and Maximize Profits

How to Sell Your Books Directly to Readers and Maximize Profits

Profitable Pages -How to Sell Your Books Directly to Readers and Maximize Profits

Author: Awele Ilusanmi

When a book is described as a first-of-a-kind, unique, insightful, informative, timely and a practical guide to writers, it instantly bears a compelling allure for knowledge seekers to open the pages and go through them with full concentration. Interestingly, so it is for Awele Ilusanmi’s book aptly titled: ‘Profitable Pages-How to Sell Your Books Directly to Readers and Maximize Profits.’ Indeed, for the average author, it is one thing to be inspired by people and places, events and experiences and submit to the urge to express such through poems and plays, short stories, novels, opinion essays, documentaries and true-life testimonies/stories as biographies. But it is quite another level of encounter when the author decides to market his book, directly to readers. So, how does he go about it? That is the million-naira question. But good enough that the answers have been clearly provided in this long-awaited book, from the author who has spent years of her life trajectory as a resourceful marketer, who knows her onions; to unravel what it really takes to sell one’s books to the readers. Apart from the eye-opening Introduction, the book comes in Three Parts. For instance, it starts with the pertinent questions to answer: What do the readers really want to read? And how do you engage with potential readers to find out what they want you to write about, so that they would be encouraged by your book?

In the Introduction the author emphasizes on the need for the author to be prepared to give the readers the best, finding out their topics of preference. That brings up the facilitating feature of the book’s content. Of significance is the need for the writer to build a fan base with the readers, who would eventually benefit from it. But as the author, Ilusanmi has rightly stated, doing so takes time, consistency and a true connection with the readers. This interesting scenario of the bond built between the two-the author and the reader-is strengthened when the author asks for feedback from the readers. With regards to the presentation of the topics treated the book is in three parts. Part One is a guide for writers of fiction. Part Two is for non-fiction writers and Part Three is focused on Author Marketing Mastery through Optimization, AMMO. There are 13 highly engaging chapters.

Part One focuses on tips for compelling characters, engaging plot, rich world building, emotional resonance, well-written prose and choice of relevant theme. Not left out are unique concepts, page-turning tension, satisfying resolution as well as diversity and representation to keep the readers on the edge of their seats. As for non-fiction writings, the book has nuggets on relevance and timeliness, display of expertise and authority as well as in-depth analysis of the topic being treated. Others include clear and accessible writing, the need for personal development and self-help while looking at narrative non-fiction, historical perspective and scientific discoveries. But that is not all there is about this page-turning, practical guide on impactful writing. Of the Chapters, the first focuses on the importance of the author creating his website.

This is a valuable and strategic move, as it acts as a central hub for online presence. It is also a powerful tool for connecting with readers and a veritable platform for promoting one’s work. Chapters 2,3, 4,5, 6 and 7 provide relevant information on setting up an online store, offering exclusive content, building an Email list, engagement on social media, running book promotions and how to optimize for SED. Furthermore, Chapters 8,9,10,11and 12 are enlightening write-ups on leveraging book launch strategies, the significance of authors participating in book fairs and related events, the collection and showcasing reviews and collaboration with other authors.This, according to Awele will expand the writer’s reach across the social spectrum for the promotion of his or her books. The benefits of the Author Marketing Mastery through Optimization, AMMO as encapsulated there in Chapter 13 includes being a profitable advertisement for most effective sales. One of the great attributes of this one-of-a-kind book is its relevance in this digital age.

For instance, Chapter Two highlights the fact that if an author sets up an online store it can increase the credibility of his creative works and keeps the readers coming back and asking for more! This is interesting, is it not? Of course, it is. And so is Chapter Three that talks about the offering of exclusive content; providing bonus chapters/scenes, writing short stories, bringing behind- the -scene insights to the fore, in addition to the characters’ profiles and the author’s Question and Answer session. Worthy of note also is Chapter Five that gives an expose’ on the power of engaging readers on social media, choosing the right platforms, creating a consistent brand presence and behind the scene content to connect well with the readers. There is also Chapter Eight that guides the author on leveraging book launch strategies with pre-launch buzz, using comprehensive marketing plan to utilize the social media and engaging with impact-making influencers. One is tempted to go on and on, because of the brilliant insights provided by the author but this is a book review. The taste of the pudding is in the eating, by none of course, but the readers.

The High Points The presentation of this highly engaging book in a simple, easy-to-read and digest format is a great plus. There are no ambiguities, whatsoever. The topics are thematically relevant and pleasantly provided for those willing to learn, making it more relevant in our digital age. It comes as a wake-up call, especially to authors who want to write for writing sake. That mindset belongs to the analogue age. Be prepared to sell your books directly to your readers. Now, you understand why the reviewer has described book as a first-of-a-kind, unique, insightful, informative, timely and a practical guide to writers. And now every author should understand how to turn his writings into ‘Profitable Pages’.

Any Shortfall? Perfection belongs to the realm of imagination, though made possible, once in a while by a few determined pursuers of it, through pragmatic partnerships with those who share in a similar vision. Reading through the book, the compelling question kept coming to yours truly. That is,should the author write based on what the readers want to read, or prompted by the writer’s inspiration, experiences and imagination? That is the debatable aspect to be considered for future deliberation. Recommendation: From all the above-mentioned, I happily commend the author’s expertise, resourcefulness and creative ingenuity. Awele is simply awesome, as patently exhibited in this potential bestseller, which will certainly become so when she walks the talk on most,if not all the ingredients of this delicious dish of what she has served the world. This book is therefore, highly recommended for all writers, aspiring and experienced authors, higher institutions of learning that focus on writing and marketing of books, branding concepts and social media influencers, as well as all knowledge seekers, all over the globe.