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Courtship mistakes that affect marriages

Courtship mistakes that affect Marriages

Be careful, you might be in the wrong relationship – a review of Emike Oyemade’s courtship mistakes that affect marriages
Author: Emike Oyemade
Publisher: Jotham Publishing
Year of Publication: 2022 (2nd Edition)
Number of Pages: 127
Category: Self-Help

Counselor Emike Oyemade, having interacted with numerous couples grappling with marital challenges, likely felt compelled to document her insights in her book “Courtship Mistakes That Affect Marriage.” In this comprehensive exploration, she candidly addresses the subject, leaving no aspect unexplored.

Given the escalating rate of marriage failures, it becomes wise for singles to avoid courtship errors, gain insights from those with prior experiences, and adequately prepare themselves for marriage. Consequently, her book is strongly recommended for both singles and individuals in committed relationships, offering the potential to uncover mistakes currently affecting their relationships.

Consistent with her approach, Emike Oyemade begins her books with clear definitions, ensuring readers have a solid understanding of her topics. Her latest book follows suit, featuring diverse stories of couples in courtship and valuable lessons derived from their experiences.

The author points out warning signs to steer clear of during courtship, encouraging readers to grab a pen and take note of these cautionary signals in a relationship. While some might be familiar, others could introduce new insights.

This book enlightens readers on numerous mistakes commonly made by couples during courtship, offering valuable insights to navigate relationships more effectively with a clear sense of purpose and direction. Considering the courtship mistakes highlighted by the author, readers may acknowledge having made a few, recognizing the human tendency to err or lack awareness.

Readers will come to realize that dating and courtship are not synonymous, dispelling a prevailing misconception assuming they carry the same meaning. This underscores the informative nature of the book.

The author issues a warning, possibly stemming from the weariness of counseling young individuals dealing with failed marriages or marital issues. Alternatively, she may aim to prevent readers from repeating the same mistakes made by others.

Delving into a broad spectrum of topics, including finances, faith, and surprisingly, matters of intimacy, the book primarily targets Christian couples.

Certain pieces of advice, such as the notion that “Love is very boring without money,” may catch readers’ attention, eliciting more smiles from female readers than their male counterparts. Tips of this nature might prompt male readers to reconsider their perspectives on spending money in relationships.

For a reader lacking discipline, the author’s tips might seem challenging or unattainable. However, she offers a detailed, step-by-step guide for those genuinely committed to taking their courtship seriously, making the process more manageable.

At times, reading the book imparts the feeling of receiving premarital counselling from a seasoned marriage counsellor.

The narratives within this book serve as valuable lessons drawn from the experiences of others, making the book engaging and far from boring. It emphasizes the importance of gaining insights into courtship and marriage without personally enduring potential pitfalls.

The book exhibits some repetition, creating a sense that a specific chapter has been encountered before. Perhaps, the author intentionally revisits certain points to ensure the reader grasps the intended message.

Including real-life questions posed to the author adds a personal touch, allowing readers to easily find answers to concerns that may have troubled them, fostering a more interactive reading experience. For those contemplating marriage or already in the throes of wedding planning without answers to crucial questions, the book serves as a valuable pause button, prompting reflection and an assessment of preparedness for marriage.

If readers believe they’ve encountered the epitome of fulfilling relationships, Emike Oyemade’s book may reveal that they might have been entangled in an unsuitable relationship.

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