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An easy method to understand forex trading -A review of Olugbemi’s ultimate forex trading blueprint


The concept of Forex trading has always been seen to be challenging to understand. However, if you master it, it often develops into a knack for life. While some forex traders have had success, others still find it difficult to comprehend the market despite their steadfast efforts and significant time commitment, with luck remaining elusive.

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In her book, “Ultimate Forex Trading Blueprint,” Olugbemi seeks to demystify Forex trading by presenting it in a straightforward and simple manner without the use of technical jargon.

She shares the tactics she has personally used in forex trading, drawing on personal experience rather than theoretical knowledge from books or hearsay.

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Like a school lecture, Olugbemi effortlessly delivers knowledge to her readers. However, considering the subject matter, the use of diagrams and figures in the book may get tedious and resemble a mathematics textbook. Nonetheless, if you maintain your focus, the author has the potential to rekindle your interest in forex trading and provide you with hope.

While she possesses a wealth of expertise, she openly acknowledges her inability to promise readers a million-dollar profit in just a few months of commencing their trading journey. Nevertheless, she fervently urges readers to implement the strategies outlined in the book. This demonstrates that she is not a magician, but rather a fellow trader who shares a realistic perspective with the reader.

Numerous suggestions are available, along with the inherent risks to keep in mind, as forex trading involves exposure to potential losses. Furthermore, there exist multiple opportunities for making notes or marking sections within the book that will act as crucial reminders when participating in FX trading.

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Besides the dense content, which might be a bit overwhelming for complete beginners who may need to revisit specific sections, this book is rich with valuable information designed to assist you in achieving success in forex trading.

This book is specifically made to meet your needs if your objective is to obtain a thorough understanding of the forex trading sector, make money from it, and achieve real success in it. However, if you continue to struggle with grasping the author’s content, forex trading might not be for you.

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