A Pastor’s Daughter Goes Astray- A Review of Tosin Sanni’s Unchained

Title: Unchained

Author: Tosin Sanni

Publisher: Makere

Year of Publication: 2020

Number of Pages: 190

Category: Memoir

The book Unchained provides a narrative of the life of Tosin Sanni. A wonderful piece that manages to succeed in being both truthful and inspiring at the same time.

Being a victim of sexual assault as a child while growing up in a family with parents who were pastors. Tosin writes about her childhood and how it has impacted her.

The stories from Tosin’s childhood and upbringing sprinkled throughout Unchained will have you turning the pages.

Preacher’s children are frequently stereotyped as either rebellious or good-natured youngsters. Tosin, who began off as a goody-goody, transformed with time. The author tells her story honestly because she has a desire to be an inspiration to other people who are going through situations that are comparable to her own.

Every chapter is jam-packed with a wide range of emotions. You will be forced by Tosin to confront her sorrow and suffer through her monsters, which will send you on an emotional roller coaster ride. While simultaneously training you on how to recover from your own terrible experiences, gaining strength, courage, and understanding of who you are as a person in the process.

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The words of Tosin have the ability to seep into your very core and affect you profoundly. This book has a lot of things going for it, not the least of which is its honest and wonderful narrative. The reader will likely refer back to Tosin’s book quite a few times throughout the reading experience.

Tosin was stuck in a cycle of unsuccessful romantic partnerships as a result of unaddressed difficulties in her past. Her stories about drug use and sexual encounters with her lovers capture the carefree attitude and swaying motion of young people who are letting go of their inhibitions and giving themselves over to the experience of living.

The more you find out about Tosin’s love and forgiveness, not only for herself but also for others who have wronged her, the more it becomes evident that she possesses an enormous amount of spiritual understanding. Tosin has no other option but to put her faith in God because she has exhausted all of her other options.

The reader is in for a treat at the end of this book, which also depicts a movement from the darkness into the light as it progresses.

But above all else, she will teach you how to break free from the chains of your past and strengthen your sense of self-confidence.

Tosin Sanni’s mission, which she pursues via her work as a speaker, an author, and a relationship counselor, is to provide young women with the tools necessary to live a life that is free, complete, and determined by themselves.

After you have started reading Unchained, you won’t be able to put it down until you have finished it. Additionally, it’s possible that you haven’t read another book that is as genuine and inspirational as this one is.

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