• Monday, June 17, 2024
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YUP! interview with Precious Onuoha

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I’m Precious Onuoha an IT support specialist turned HR/Admin assistant. The blend of my IT skills with Human Resources and Administration has been quite an interesting journey.

So when I’m not troubleshooting/resolving IT-related issues or working in HR/admin, I am running a healthy living business called @Namii.ng where we produce/sell Nut milk (e.g tiger nut milk, cashew nut milk) and snacks.

How do you balance your responsibilities?

Planning- I am a stickler for details so I find that the best way to achieve the daily goals I set out for myself is to meticulously plan out my activities. My most-used apps on my gadgets are my calendar and note-taking app, this helps me stay ahead in my 9 to 5 as well as the running of my business, Namii.

Delegation: I often find that the most successful people are great at managing their time and delegating. This is a productivity hack that I make use of.

Tell us about your ambitions across all spheres you are involved in?

The goal is to consistently improve my skill set to enable me move up the career ladder. I hope to lead a team of IT support professionals or head a Human Resources/Admin Unit.
I want Namii to be a household name, that’s the kind of growth I desire for my business.

How did COVID-19 impact you as a person?

First off the lockdown made me realize that there’s more to life than work. I had no choice but to rest and eat proper meals and also spend quality time with my family members.

Another personal impact is staying safe and trying not to catch the virus, it’s like everyday I wake up and leave the house I’m heading into a battlefield.

Lastly the effects of the pandemic on my business has been a struggle. Running a business this period is quite challenging and has kept me on my toes, because I have salaries to pay and mouths to feed.

Do you have any advice for people who might find themselves in a similar situation?

If you feel like quitting, it’s normal just keep pushing no matter what. Do not give up.