• Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Your Brand Story Is In You, Would You Peak?

Your Brand Story Is In You, Would You Peak?

How many times did your eyes light up when you heard the intro to a Peak ad, “From generation to generation, Peak will always be there”? How many times did you ask for the brand because you believed it would inspire your inner Kanu Nwankwo and destine you for greatness?

More than a lyric on its ad campaign, Peak has woven a formidable brand story of always being there and celebrating the greatness in every man. The history of the brand and its consistent narrative that has evoked emotions of many Nigerians is what makes up its brand story.

The Peak brand story is so in tune with the brand archetype which it embodies. The Everyman archetype, which seeks connections and belonging; is recognized as supportive, faithful, and down-to-earth.
Through its #Unstoppable campaign with the Nigerian Paralympics team, to Cobhams Asuquo, Peak has stayed consistent with the core message of its brand story.

As commendable as Peak has been in their narrative, your brand story is not just influenced in your corporate social responsibility (CSR) ventures or big campaigns. It is not just a footnote created in the heat of conceptualising your brand.

Your brand story is the heart of the brand and what inspires every form of communication with your target audience. We see this story in the heart of your biggest campaigns and the soul of your daily interaction with your audience.

This story is part of the bigger picture and present in the smaller details. Yet, as important as it is to have your brand story influence every communication decision and material shared, it seems to be a missing element in the Nigerian marketplace?

The lack of a brand story with many brands is the reason newer brands come into the market and become distinct. Failing to connect with your audience means you’d lose them to whoever gives them the attention.

Why do you need to pay attention to your audience?

If you have to ask this question, then you’re the reason I write this article. Your audience is more than stats and figures in your presentation and sheets. Your audience is your community, your tribe, in reality, these are your number 1 marketers and stakeholders. Paying attention to them means more than sharing information on products, updates and releases, it is sparking conversations, and engaging in issues that signify your shared values.

Does this sound like brands are human?
If this sounds weird to you, you’ve been handling your brand all wrong. Your brand is human, it feels, it emotes, and it speaks. This is how you build your tribe.

I’m not talking of influencer marketing, which is a story for another day. The face of your brand truly lies in the heart of its story and how it is being communicated to your audience by sharing why you exist, why your story matters, and how they play a role in it.

2020 is not the year where you build elaborate plans devoid of the sentiments of your audience.

If this year has taught you anything, it is that a particular way of doing things just because it worked in the past does not make it absolute. It will change, whether you’re ready or not.

Your brand story is in you, would you peak?

Chidera Muoka is a multipotentialite and creative director. A firm believer of storytelling committed to pushing compelling narratives through her storytelling agency, House of ZETA.
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