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You Hold All The Answers – A review of Thom Idowu’s ‘Dream to Reality’

You Hold All The Answers -A Review of Thom Idowu, PhD’s Dream to Reality

Title: Dream to Reality: How Great Leaders Clarify and Align Their Lives to Achieve Unprecedented Success

Author: Thom Idowu, PhD

Publisher: WORITAL

Year of Publication: 2022

Number of Pages: 132

Category: Self-Help

Dream to Reality has a subtitle that will make you want to pick up the book right away, even if the title itself doesn’t do much to pique your interest. The book’s back cover states that it is written for people who are fed up with letting life control them.

Considering that the general public has little faith in inspirational writing. Many readers may approach this book with skepticism, wondering what makes it different from the plethora of other motivational books on the market.

You could start to wonder if the author is trying to save money on printing by making the fonts in the book so small that you won’t bother reading it. However, you will be hooked after reading just one quote by Vusi Thembekwayo.

At the outset of the first chapter, the author asks the reader a question. You should consider whether or not to continue reading the book in light of your response. The author then proceeds to instruct his readers, much like a teacher would instruct his students.

He constantly prompts you to pause and think as you read. “Your fight is different,” he says at one point. If you haven’t started at the beginning of the book, you might assume he’s referring to a literal battle when in fact he means something entirely different.

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Any chapter can serve as a jumping-off point for reading the book; readers will get just as much knowledge whether they begin at the beginning, the middle, or the end.

Also, even if you only read one line of the book, you’ll walk away with a wealth of new knowledge.

The author clearly enjoys reading because he readily incorporates insights from other writers into his own writing. And while he tells numerous stories, few of them are from his own life, so the reader doesn’t feel particularly close to him.

He presents specific examples of how to enhance oneself in a variety of ways, such as making the most of one’s abilities, amassing wealth, and so on. Then, diagrams are provided to help readers grasp the point he is attempting to express. Finally, the author suggests that you grab a pen and paper in order to actively participate in his sessions and absorb the information he is providing.

Having Coach Sam Obafemi’s viewpoint included in Chapter 12 is like gaining access to the wisdom of not one, but two authors in a single handy volume.

The book’s most intriguing feature is its final chapter, in which the author has a heart-to-heart with the reader, imploring them to do more than just think about the ideas presented in the book and actually put them into practice. What a considerate and sympathetic human being Thom Idowu is.

This book is a one-stop shop, saving you time and energy that would otherwise be spent reading several guides on topics like making the most of opportunities, communicating effectively, managing your time effectively, developing positive habits, and building your abilities and riches.

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