• Sunday, June 16, 2024
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World Milk Day: Orange Group launches #GinmilMySuperBreakfast Campaign


Fast moving consumer goods, Orange Group, is celebrating World Milk Day with the #GinmilMySuperBreakfast campaign.

This campaign is aimed at introducing Ginmil, a healthy affordable milk and ginger drink that improves immunity, increases bone power, and aids digestion.

This campaign is in accordance with the 2024 World Milk Day theme which highlights the importance of dairy products as an accessible, affordable, and nutrient-rich source of food for people around the world.

According to the Uchenna Ezenna, Orange Group Media and Communications Director said; “We’re thrilled to introduce Ginmil as a delicious and convenient way to embrace the power of dairy for a healthy breakfast. With the #GinmilMySuperBreakfast campaign, we aim to inspire Nigerians to prioritize their well-being with a nutritious and energizing start to their day.”

Lack of milk and dairy in the diet can lead to several health issues due to the deficiency of essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and other vital minerals.

Public Health Nigeria emphasises the causes of malnutrition in Nigeria, including the lack of a balanced diet that incorporates essential nutrients found in dairy products like milk.

This deficiency can lead to severe health problems, including impaired cognitive and physical development in children.

Additionally, the World Health Organization (WHO) in a 2020 article highlights the importance of a balanced diet that includes dairy to prevent nutrient deficiencies that can adversely affect overall health.

“Many Nigerians struggle to get enough calcium and vitamin D daily. Ginmil addresses this by offering an affordable, nutritious drink. It’s a commitment to community health, ensuring better outcomes for everyone,” Ezenna explained.

By providing a tasty, nutritious, and affordable drink, Orange Group says it is constantly working towards fulfilling the 2024 World Milk Day theme, which highlights the importance of dairy products as a nutrient-rich food that should be accessible and made affordable for all.

With a distinct taste, and its health boosting properties, Ginmil gives the goodness of milk and ginger in one beverage. Ginmil is available across stores nationwide.