• Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Why Nigeria remains top in the African entertainment industry – Mursty Adinoyi


An Ace Producer and the creator of HitList N Cruzin, an entertainment programme on AIT, Mursty Adinoyi has said that for Nigeria to tell its stories perfectly, terrestrial television in the country must be strong and up doing as only they can tell Nigerian stories accurately. The talented producer, who also won four awards within a month, in what many have described as a harvest awards, said that the multiple honours were the hard work of what started 15 years ago. He spoke on other entertainment issues in this interview with a select journalists in Lagos. Excerpt..

HitList N Cruzin has been in the entertainment scene and still growing stronger in the industry. How did it all begin and when?

I was working with Africa Independent Television (AIT) we had this meeting with Aunty Tosin Dokpesi, the wife of the High Chief Raymond Dokpesi of blessed memories. At the meeting, the woman said something that we should come up with good marketable programmes that her husband was ready to give us air time. I came up with a cooking programme. But after a while, I thought that the best is not just to have a programme on TV but to be able to market it. That meeting gave me the inspiration to come up with ideas. I later asked for transfer to Lagos with the hope that I am coming to start another programme HitList N Cruzin on my own. I give God all the glory that yes, we started it and Television Continental (TVC) happened to be the first TV station that gave us airtime before we began to expand to other stations and 15 years we are still with TVC .

It’s good to dream, it’s important to have the right associates. A tree cannot make a forest, my wife whom I often refer to as angel gave 100 percent in all for me, Adeola Amusat and Yinka Adebayo these men embraced this idea of unusual entertainment by celebrating Nigerians the way we do on HitList n Cruzin and make sure marketing is fine.

Are you impressed with the level the entertainment industry has risen to today?

I give kudos to terrestrial TV, to entertainment programmes that promote musicals. Let’s not forget it all started from AIT. High Chief Raymond Dokpesi of blessed memory provided the airtime, both on Ray Power and on AIT for local content and several entertainment programmes from the station and many independent productions emerged, that gave rise to new generation of musicians began to strive. That initial investment is the result we are seeing today.

I am happy because this is the best everybody prays for. When it comes to entertainment in Africa, we are number one. And it can only get better and terrestrial TV need to keep doing more for Nigerian music.

Now let’s go to the awards. You have harvested four awards in one months. What is the secret?

We pray for good wonders. I think this is one of it, a football player will be happy for hat-trick but this is more than a hat-trick. We have four awards within a month. It’s just God, i give Him all the glory, God is involved .

Our weekly winners do pray for us I guess it’s actually working. And don’t forget, 15 years of consistency, dedication is not a child’s play. I guess it’s time for us to say, yes, people are actually happy with what we are doing. And again, this is not just a point where we say, oh, we have achieved anything. award is telling us, well done, you are doing well. So the best we need to do is keep getting better.

What are your advice and words of encouragement for entertainers and those in industry especially the youths in view of what’s going on now?

Nigeria’s future is in your hands. Have the fear of God, walk on your character because life has many opportunities for you and it is your character that will sustain such opportunities. Be good. Do unto others what you want them to do unto you. Respect your elders and be sincere in your business dealing and work hard. Be positive about Nigeria. It will get better. That’s what I feel every youth should have in mind. Open your mind for opportunities and when they come, take it and then don’t let pride take you down. Be humble at all times and believe in positive things. Take negativity out of your life and be as good as you can. The future is in your hands. And Africa needs you, Nigeria needs you. focus on good things.

Pray like you are not working , work like you are not praying.

It can only get better.