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White Christmas Party: Unwinding after a turbulent year

White Christmas Party: Unwinding after a turbulent year

The year 2022 has indeed been a mix for many people. While some say the year has been one of the most turbulent; a fall out of the economic downturn, others say the year has been a mix of wins and failures.

However, some people still find a silver lining amid the economic crisis and ‘unwinding’ seems to be the best escape and way to celebrate the season.

The Third Edition of the White Christmas Party organised by the Young Christian Workers Movement, Holy Family Catholic Church lit up Festac town, bringing the unwinding experience home.

The event which brought a bonding and exciting experience to many who attended featured music, games, dance and lots more with Mc Abarie and Mc Akporstus cheering people up with jokes and comedy.

Johnkennedy Chinedu Nwanze, Chairman, organising committee White Christmas party, Season 3 told BD Weekender that every year, the young people in the church come together to ensure people and most especially, the less privileged have a feel of Christmas.

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“Once in a year, we celebrate ourselves and other people. The Holy Family Catholic church Young Christian Workers’ Movement put this together. This is a once in a lifetime experience, it’s a time for people to unwind. Some young people in the society are going into obnoxious activities like drugs, kidnapping and so on. But we the youths in the church thought it was time to give back to the society and reach out to the less privileged and make ourselves happy at the same time.

“We gave out gifts to more than 500 children in the church and we have decided to give 10 percent of what we generate from White Christmas party to charity. We have lined up activities for this event such as comedy, games and lots of dance,” Nwanze said.

Efe Egieya, vice chairman, White Christmas Party said through the event, they give back to the society, celebrate themselves and have fun.

“We have games for couples, games for single people, dance, food, drinks etc. We always have to find the silver lining in anything that we are doing. So, no matter how challenging it is, everyone wants to be happy,” Egieya said.

Chima Amandibuogu, president of Young Christian Workers’ Holy Family said through the event, the Young Christian Workers Movement, Holy Family Catholic Church has reached out to the less privileged.

“It is also an avenue to celebrate ourselves and give God thanks for sustenance from January till December. So at the end of the year, we hold this event to appreciate God,” Amandibuogu said.