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Valentine: Polo unveils its jewellery segment, ‘Polo Fine Jewellery’

Valentine: Polo unveils its jewellery segment, ‘Polo Fine Jewellery’

Polo, Nigerian leading luxury retail company, is set to unveil ‘Polo Fine Jewellery,’ a new segment dedicated to its discerning clients.

As Valentine’s season approaches, Polo Fine Jewellery is set to unveil two new and exclusive jewellery brands by renowned international jewellery designers, Fred Paris and Pasquale Bruni. Inspired by the fiery passion and exquisite beauty of the season, these collections promise to ignite hearts and make Valentine’s Day truly unforgettable.

Fred Paris: The exquisite jewellery brand, Fred, was founded in Paris in 1936 by Fred Samuel and today, pays homage to its founder’s unwavering love for sunlight and colour, showcasing mastery in personalization and the remarkable versatility of its collections.

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Fred’s innate passion for cultured pearls and his visionary approach to jewellery, considering it an integral part of daily life for women, established a brand that is both timeless and distinctive.

His creative spirit has continually been brought to life, with exceptional pieces crafted with precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, spinel, tourmaline, quartz, topaz, and many more.

One of Its most successful collections, the “Force 10” collection captures the fairytale essence of eternal love. Both timeless and modern due to its interchangeability, its unisex aesthetics adapts to each personality.

By orchestrating the unexpected encounter between a braided steel sailing cable and a gold buckle, two materials that had previously seemed polar opposites, Fred made its mark on the history of jewellery.

A striking avant-garde vision, the Force 10 collection has since inspired a collection that is both relaxed and bejewelled for women and men through bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. With its other collections such as the “Monsieur Fred Inner Light”, Fred jewellery invites its wearer to adopt a life philosophy driven by daring love, joy, courage, energy and luck.

Pasquale Bruni:Founded in 1968, Pasquale Bruni is an Italian luxury jewellery brand that creates high-quality jewels easily recognized thanks to the emotion, soul, and love that is passed on to whoever wears them.

For two generations, the brand has created the most exceptional pieces of jewellery for women all over the world. Some of its collections include the BonTon Collection, of which its five-petal flower represents the icon of the Maison and evokes a woman with an elegant, harmonious, and sophisticated lifestyle.

The Aleluiá Collection is an ode to beauty and love. The leaves reflect wings that empower women to take flight towards the marvels of the world, in a journey redefining all her divinity. Petit Joli Collection, is a floral dream on your skin; this collection is designed for women always blooming in a free soul. This collection embodies the everlasting connection between nature and women.

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Jennifer Obayuwana, Executive Director, Pololuxury stated “We are thrilled to announce the grand debut of Polo Fine Jewellery, a dazzling addition to the Polo Luxury family. This Valentine’s season, we invite you to experience the epitome of elegance and sophistication with our exquisite collection. Guided by a commitment to timeless craftsmanship, Polo Fine Jewellery promises to elevate the art of gifting, allowing our clientele to express love and celebrate cherished moments in unparalleled style.