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Uncovering the roadblocks to your spiritual power – A review of Bukola Bashorun’s How to Use Faith to Manifest

Uncovering the roadblocks to your spiritual power – A review of Bukola Bashorun’s How to Use Faith to Manifest

Title: How to Use Faith to Manifest

Author: Bukola Bashorun

Year of Publication: 2024

Number of Pages: 123

Category: Self Help

Anyone interested in how faith operates will definitely pick up Bukola Bashorun’s “How to Use Faith to Manifest” upon seeing the front cover of the book. Given its spiritual title, you might think you know what to expect, but you’ll be surprised by what the author presents.

While the book does contain Bible scriptures, it starts to feel more like a motivational guide than the spiritual text you might have anticipated. This shift in tone creates some initial confusion, but as you read further, the message becomes clearer.

What Bashorun discusses isn’t entirely new, but her unique approach makes the ideas feel fresh, almost as if you’re encountering them for the first time.

The author’s goal is to encourage an open mind, though achieving this may vary among readers. Some might find themselves more confused, with many questions they’d like to ask the author. Others might think deeply as they read, even finding themselves exclaiming words like “rhema” as they experience new insights.

The book is informative but has the atmosphere of a lecture room. It reads like a textbook, yet remains easy to read. Bashorun discusses how the mind, attention, and time are tied to our faith. There are quite a lot of things to discover.

It’s evident that the author is an open-minded individual, a deep thinker, and very practical. Additionally, she demonstrates empathy, understanding the frustrations and disappointments that arise when trying to have faith, especially when things don’t work out as expected. The author provides a breakdown of steps on how to get your faith to work, offering practical guidance for readers facing similar challenges.

While Bashorun provides a lot of practical tips in her book, she doesn’t include many personal stories to back them up. This could be deliberate, but you’ll still find the tips very useful and will keep returning to the book for further help on the days your faith isn’t working.

Towards the end of the book, you may find yourself seriously searching for a warning from the author about using faith carelessly. However, the author doesn’t issue such a caution. Perhaps that’s precisely why she wrote this book—to encourage readers to go into the world and use their faith to move mountains without hesitation.

As expected, this book will help your faith grow, whether you had none before or your faith was dwindling. You’ll find yourself ready to face the world and achieve whatever you have always wanted.

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