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Twisted people

Twisted people

In the words of the legendary King of Pop… Micheal Jackson, “it’s close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking in the dark.”

It was a cold night. The moon was playing a game of peekaboo in the dark clouds. A street light was flickering somewhere down the deserted street. Dogs were howling somewhere, and annoying owls were hooting from nearby trees.
My grandma would have called this a bad omen.

Grace was repeatedly switching between the news and sports channels. Suddenly her eyes caught something interesting on UdTV…

BREAKING NEWS: A psycho killer from Manila Prison had escaped and was on a rampage. A street urchin and two women have been killed already. Eyewitness reports claim that a person in orange prison overall was seen walking the streets of Crusoe Avenue in Banana Mainland.

The petrified news, Grace. Crusoe Avenue is where her house was. Suddenly she heard a knock on the door. Her blood froze in her veins. She strolled towards the door. Her legs were trembling. Her heart is pounding in her chest. She opened the door, and a man greeted her.

The man asked if Diane was at home, and Grace nodded. His face lit up, and he said in his husky voice, “please let her know that Allen is here.” He tries to enter the house, but Grace blocks the door with her body… “Diane is sleeping upstairs. I can’t wake her up. please leave”.

Allen was surprised. “I’m her friend. She’s expecting me”.

Grace shook her head and said, “If she is expecting you, why did you ask me if she’s at home?

The question threw off Allen. “I don’t know, I; I just said it on impulse.”.”

“Well, Diane is very ill; I won’t let you disturb her.”

“Sorry I didn’t get your name” Allen tried to be courteous.

“That’s because I didn’t tell you my name. I am Grace, Diane’s sister”.

“Oh, that’s awesome. It’s nice to meet you”…

“I wish I could say the same,” Grace retorted.

Allen pretended that he didn’t hear her. “Ok, Grace, it’s late, and I can’t go home. My job is not far from this place; I usually spend the night here whenever I work late cos I live very far”.

Grace has a look that lacks expression. She considers him for a few seconds before stepping aside to let him in. Allen thanks her and makes his way up the flight of stairs; she follows closely behind him.

A few minutes later, she goes into her room to shower. She spends a long time scrubbing herself, then she wears a loose-fitting nightie and returns to continue binging on her TV.

Meanwhile, just across the street a few blocks away, Peters has made a startling discovery. His CCTV camera had caught the activities of the jailbreaker, and he knew he had to call the police immediately.

Grace was still surfing the channels trying to find something interesting on TV. She was startled when she heard another knock on the door. She tried to remain calm.

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“Who could it be at such an ungodly hour?”. She didn’t make a move to check who it was. She thought the person would leave after a while, but the knock on the door became louder and more persistent.

Finally, Grace gathered some courage to find who was at the door. She was shocked when she opened the door, and four cops were standing on the front porch.

When the cops stepped inside the living room, everywhere was dark except for the light from the television that was still flashing the breaking news, someone found the switch and turned on the light.

One cop said to Grace, “We just want to ensure everyone on Crusoe Avenue is all right”..”

He didn’t wait for a response from her as he signaled to his partner, and they both made their way up the stairs while the other waited downstairs with Grace. She tried to stop them from going up because her sick sister and her boyfriend were sleeping, and she didn’t want them to be disturbed. She was ignored.

The wooden floor creaked under their feet as they walked. They found a bedroom and knocked on the door. No response. They slowly opened the door and went into the room where they found the bodies of Diane and Allen lying dead in the pool of blood oozing from their slit throats. They called for backup immediately.

*Grace had killed them; she was the psycho killer from Manila Prison*.

So, Peters had called 911 when he saw on his CCTV how Grace brutally murdered Allen and murdered Allen.

What the police had to figure out now was how a random guy from across the street could have a CCTV connected to his neighbor’s home.. especially the privacy of her bedroom.

They discovered that Peters was obsessed with Diane. He had her pictures splashed all over his wall. He stalked her day and night and even went further to sneak into her home while she was away and planted cameras in her bedroom so he could watch her anytime.

On that particular day, he noticed that he hadn’t seen Diane for most of the evening and that night, which was quite unusual. He was surprised that her beautiful face had not graced his screen, but his surprise turned into fear when he watched Grace slit Allen’s throat. He knew at that moment that Diane could be in trouble, so he called 911.

Peters had committed a crime by stalking Diane and installing a camera in her home. However, his offense had given the police a break they needed in the Manila Prison case. The CCTV recording from him also showed Grace taking out Diane. She was a cold-blooded murder murderer.

* Unfortunately for Peters, he did the crime, so he would have to do time.
* As for Grace, who wasn’t related to Debbie, she was on death row and will not be harming anyone anymore.
* Diane and Allen were innocent people; they were unfortunate victims of a psychopath.