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Thoughts of a 10-year-old-A review of Tomisin Oyemade’s Rabbit Girl and Other Stories

Thoughts of a 10-year-old-A review of Tomisin Oyemade’s Rabbit Girl and Other Stories

Title: Rabbit Girl and Other Stories
Author: Tomisin Oyemade
Publisher: Jotham Publishing
Year of Publication: 2022
Number of Pages: 32
Category: Children’s Book

Tomisin Oyemade is a young author who may one day become a motivational teacher. Her first story collection, Rabbit Girl and Other Stories, may have a childlike title, but the synopsis reveals that it is actually packed with valuable lessons.

A compilation of 14 short stories, each one accompanied with an original piece of vibrant artwork. A good number of the chapter titles include specific instructions that can be put into practice immediately. The wording is easy to understand and succinctly conveys the intended meaning.
It is possible that some of the stories in the book are based on real events due to the fact that they describe mistakes that are frequently committed by young people. In addition, young readers will see how making a few poor decisions can lead to a chain reaction of negative consequences.

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The lessons in this book are applicable to adults as well as children; this much is clear. If you are an adult reading this book, you may discover that certain characters trigger memories from your own youth, and you may also find yourself reflecting on bad choices you made when you were younger.

Tomisin makes it a point to include a section at the end of each of her stories in which she explains the lesson that she thinks individuals who read her work will learn from the experience described in the story and what the reader should take away from it.

One of the stories contained in the book sheds light on the young author’s Christian upbringing and her firm faith in the possibility of miraculous occurrences.
You’ll also get a taste of the author’s poetry gift at the end of the book, which is a complementary talent to her other talents as a writer.
This book is made up of the words of a ten-year-old child who is incredibly knowledgeable.

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