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The Twins

The Twins

Jonah and Josh were the most identical twins I have ever seen. Everything about them was the same. There was no way to tell them apart. When they were much younger, they would fool us with their mischief and pranks, then we’ll get confused trying to figure out who to punish. One of the twins was a schemer and he was also stubborn and manipulative but we couldn’t tell which one it was.

By the time they became teenagers and began to develop their different personalities, we could easily tell that Josh was the nice twin. He exuded a lot of sweetness and he was such a kind person. Jonah, on the other hand was a tough nut to crack. He had terrible mood swings and it was hard to tell when it was ok to approach him. Now we could tell which twin used to give us more problems. We couldn’t love him or leave him so we learned to accommodate his behavior.

After college, Jonah met and married Leticia, the love of his life. It was a grand and elaborate ceremony with so much fanfare, this was the first time the twins would not be doing something together. Everyone assumed that they would both walk down the aisle on the same day but we reckoned that being identical twins didn’t necessarily mean they would follow the same path.

Leticia was drop dead gorgeous. She could make a priest drool. Jonah had raised the bar and we gossiped about how Josh would match or surpass this.

We also hoped, that he won’t marry a snob like Leticia.

Three years later, Josh also got married to his wife Vivian in a very quiet ceremony unlike his twin. Their personalities were stretching farther as they grew older.

Vivian was not close to Leticia in looks but her smile could light up a room. Then her laugh, oh my goodness, it was so infectious…top that with an amazing sense of humor and the kindest soul ever. She was the life of every party unlike that stuck up Leticia who always buried her head in her phone.

Exactly eleven months after their wedding, Josh and Vivian welcomed their first child…an adorable baby girl who was named after their grandma Rose.

We were all happy for them, well, everyone was happy except Jonah. This was a rude shock to us because he was expected to be his brothers biggest cheerleader. On the contrary, he was upset and he couldn’t hide it. He called his brother a sly for having a baby before him when he knew that he had been trying to have a baby.

Jonah’s self entitled reasoning was absurd. It was ok for him to get married before his twin but it was wrong for his twin to have a baby before him. His argument was unfounded, baseless and unbelievable. Infact, he was so upset that he severed ties with his Josh. Every effort to see him and talk things over was useless.

I must throw in here that Vivian was usually intuitive and sensitive. So when she mentioned her dream to Josh, he had no choice but to believe her. In her dream, she had seen Jonah and Leticia conniving to harm her and baby Rose.

He had known her well enough to believe her when she said something like this. There were several instances when she had a dream and he saw events unfold just the way she said it. He could also mention accidents that were averted because Vivian had seen it in her dreams.

Imagine Josh’s shock when he looked through the peep hole to see Jonah and Leticia standing in front of his door the very next day. Before opening the door to let them in, he ran upstairs to warn his wife not to come out with the baby until the ‘coast was clear’.

It was an awkward visit as they didn’t really have much to talk about. And no matter how hard they pushed, Josh continued to insist that his wife and baby were sleeping and he didn’t want to wake them up. And when Leticia tried to go upstairs, Josh didn’t let her. They haven’t been cordial so he didn’t think she had that right so move freely around his house. Jonah was visibly upset that Josh wouldn’t let him see his niece so he left, taking along with him all the gifts he brought for the baby.

He ranted to family members about the way he was treated by his own twin. There were mixed reactions by family members but Josh didn’t think he owed them any explanation.

He didn’t trust his brother and he wasn’t going to risk the lives of his wife and child because he had to prove a point to anyone. The heart of a man is desperately wicked, even if that man is your twin. Especially, a jealous twin who is married to a cunning and deceptive woman.

Josh believed his wife’s dream and he’d stick to that over what anyone else had to say. His duty is to protect the ones he loves and that doesn’t include his brother.