• Sunday, December 03, 2023
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The Future is Female, but it is a certain kind of Female

The Future is Female, but it is a certain kind of Female

This decade opened up with the Covid19 pandemic, and everything radically changed about how we live, interact and do business. Right now, it has become clear that “the world we were born into, no longer exists!” Yet, in the midst of crises, something extraordinary has happened! Never-seen-before opportunities are opening up globally for visionary women, especially of African descent to step into next-level leadership, manifest their calling and release extraordinary innovation.

We are witnessing many first-female leaders being appointed to roles that were previously for men only. This is NOT a women’s movement. This is God’s Movement. There has been a radical evolution of our world order. In this new world, visionary women are on the rise; creating global opportunities, leading boldly and shaping our collective future.

We are now in the decade of the Future-Forward Female. The Future-Forward Female is a visionary woman willing to put in the work that unlocks her potential, releases her purpose and manifests her prowess as a grand gift to humanity.

She has an undistracted recognition of the purpose of her influence. Because she has conquered and continues to conquer territories of selfishness, identity distortions and insecurities within her own soul, she can rise beyond her smaller needs to serve humanity in more powerful ways.

This is why we have seen the rise of Females like SIAN PROCTOR (first black woman to pilot a spacecraft), ANTONETTE WEMYSS-GORMAN (Jamaica’s first Woman Army Chief), JAYLA JACKSON and EMANI STANTON ( first-ever black female duo to win the prestigious Harvard’s International Debate), DR. HADIYAH NICOLE-GREEN (First doctor to cure cancer using nanoparticles) and so many others.

This is a significant moment in our history, especially for Visionary women of African descent.

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Now to the Future-Forward Female:

There’s something massive coming; a shift of positions, a shaking of systems, an enormous expansion, a monumental movement and a mighty manifestation. It’s time to step into prepared places and into unprecedented opportunities.

In this Exponential Decade, each year is worth more than a decade! Things that will astonish humanity are being born, and radical innovations will accelerate a new world order.
Everything you’ve ever been through is going to be useful. Your pain will propel you, and your gifts will make you great. You have a place in this emergence and the ideas you stifled in disbelief will become portals of value for you!

This New World Order requires that you pivot, but there’s nothing you’d need that’s not already within you. You only need the mastery to harness your power. Now is the time to see and seize the future, to divorce your doubts and submit to the schooling that makes you wise; to dare your dread and elevate your energy! The choice has always been yours, so stop choosing the lower roads.

Future You wants to win over Fearful You, and the contest has been on for so long! How long would you sit in a space that’s become too small for you? How long would you be quiet when a loud revolution beats within your soul? How long would you treat your strong as wrong? Time to stretch out of the small things, small places, small dreams and small thoughts!!

Welcome to the Civilizations of Royalty. It’s time to challenge your limitations, reformat that unhealthy programming and leverage your superpowers!

It’s time for you to rise as a Future-Forward Female! Happy International Women’s Day!

Debola Deji-Kurunmi
Founder, IMMERSE Coaching Company


Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a public policy consultant and transformational catalyst and coach equipping a new breed of African visionaries to rise and enthrone the continent into global prominence.

At IMMERSE Coaching Company, she leads a 60,000+ strong tech-driven global community of change-makers in 99 countries, using her breakthrough coaching methodology to elevate their impact, authority and legacy leadership.

DDK as she is fondly called has been recognized on several regional and global platforms for her outstanding leadership impact and has received several international and national awards.