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Tales with purpose – A review of Linda Temienor-Vincent’s Mouth Hung Open

Tales with purpose – A review of Linda Temienor-Vincent’s Mouth Hung Open

Title: Mouth Hung Open

Author: Linda Temienor-Vincent

Publisher: Heart2World Publishing

Year of Publication: 2020

Number of Pages: 110

Category: Short Stories

“Mouth Hung Open” by Linda Temienor-Vincent is a collection of just five concise stories. The stories have a charming, storybook-like quality, although the intended audience isn’t explicitly stated, which may cause some ambiguity regarding its suitability for young adults.

The author’s natural and effortless writing style at times blurs the line between fiction and casual conversation. Instead of heavily focusing on character development, she narrates the stories as if she were chatting with a friend. Surprisingly, this approach enhances the storytelling, making the stories engaging and relatable.

For instance, in “The Dream Holiday,” the author’s relaxed narrative style adds a unique charm and humor to the tale. Despite the minimal emphasis on character development, the story remains captivating and amusing. The author’s ability to present her stories in an informal yet compelling manner demonstrates her storytelling skill.

The ease with which she narrates her stories allows readers to fully immerse themselves in the experiences and lessons conveyed. This style effectively draws readers in, making them feel like active participants in the story.

The book offers many valuable lessons, some of which may leave readers speechless. Additionally, the book cover could benefit from improvement, as it doesn’t fully reflect the potential of the author’s work.

In summary, while the author’s approach deviates from conventional fiction writing techniques, it offers a unique and enjoyable reading experience. This serves as a testament to the power of storytelling.

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