• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Seyi Oshewa-Oyedeji: Coach helping people overcome grief, find purpose


Seyi Oshewa-Oyedeji, a renowned Personal Transformational Coach, Grief Specialist, speaker, author, mentor, and project consultant, is making a significant impact in the lives of individuals seeking personal growth and transformation.

As the Lead Coach & Trainer at Seyi Oyedeji Coaching & Consulting, she offers a range of services and initiatives designed to help people overcome grief, find purpose, and unlock their full potential.

Seyi Oshewa-Oyedeji is a certified speaker, trainer, and coach under the prestigious John Maxwell certification. She is the creator of the BEMORE campaign and the convener of the BEMORE than your LABEL movement, aiming to inspire individuals to rise above societal labels and embrace their true identity.

One of Seyi’s notable accomplishments is her virtual Talk Show, “Finding Purpose in your pain with Seyi,” a bi-weekly program aired on her social media platforms.

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The show addresses topics such as grief, loss, heartbreak, and self-discovery, providing valuable insights and guidance to viewers. Additionally, she founded the Restored by Grace charity, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting widows, widowers, and single parents.

Oshewa-Oyedeji specialized Personal Transformation Legacy model, known as BEMORE, has helped numerous men and women uncover their hidden superpowers and realize their full potential.

The seven-week BEMORE program enables individuals to harness their multi-dimensional possibilities without guilt, leading to personal and professional growth.

Another impactful offering is the “Grief to Greatness” program, a four-week online course designed to help individuals move from a place of grief to a position of wholeness.

Through the G2G (Grief to Greatness) Transformational framework, participants gain practical and personalized tools to navigate their grief journey and release the weight associated with grief.

Oshewa-Oyedeji also organizes leadership training programs for personal and corporate development. One such program, “FLIPP – Finding Purpose 6-week coaching Course,” is a legacy leadership program tailored for individuals seeking to understand the business of their purpose.

As a certified speaker/trainer and personal transformational coach, she is an influential voice in the realm of personal leadership, emphasizing the importance of transcending societal labels and finding purpose.

Through her inspiring speaking engagements, she has reached audiences worldwide, inviting guests from various countries to share their healing journeys.

Oshewa-Oyedeji’s commitment to transformation and empowerment extends to children as well.

She offers personalized sessions for families to help children dealing with loss and provides personal development and leadership courses to nurture the potential of young individuals.