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Paul to showcase Nigeria’s creativity in Kenya with exhibition

Paul to showcase Nigeria’s creativity in Kenya with exhibition

As Nigeria’s arts and cultural pieces gain traction in African countries and across the world, Aize Muhammed Paul is also putting Nigeria on the global map with his art exhibitions.

Paul will be showing his ‘Flares of Enthusiasm, Dash Between’ exhibition at the Tribal Gallery Loresho Ridge, Nairobi, Kenya from the 16th to 25th of June 2023.

The flares of enthusiasm – represent the uninhibitedness of one’s soul prior to birth.

Clueless, as humans drift fragility in forms of the most liberated versions of themselves they will ever witness, just as they precede their unrequested entry into a life-form. The dashing hopes, dreams, and ideal possibilities of 280 days before they get to be introduced to the dash.

As a human story segues into a whole identity embodied in this life-form. The dash between is this human, here, right now.

People’s life – awareness of it, questions about it, and expectations of it are all displayed in the exhibition. People’s hopes, dreams, aspirations, youthfulness, definitive moments, saddest moments, life purpose and innate fear of the inevitable – death.

Aize Muhammed Paul Esq. captures these experiences as a dash in 99 photographs. The 100th photograph is people’s individual interpretation of it.

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Aize Muhammed Paul was born September 26th, 1990, lived and worked in Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya.

A law graduate from Benson Idahosa University Nigeria, with a history of working in the fashion industry as a Creative Director and Fashion Stylist spanning a decade, Paul since 2020, have held three exhibitions, each of which has been unique.

The first was an installation at the 1952 Africa Gallery in Lagos.

The second took place at his private studio in Lagos and featured a virtual reality experience showcasing his works ranging from archive pieces to my latest creations.

The third installation was held at Peponi Hotel in Lamu, Kenya, in 2022 and included a virtual reality experience and physical prints.

In 2023, he exhibited the third part of his series for his fourth solo installation (Flares of Enthusiasm Dash Between) at Alliance Française Lagos at the Mike Adenuga Center.

The show featured art and a voiceover narrating tales of life and death, and the shared experiences reaffirmed people’s self-awareness and life purpose.

By integrating virtual reality experiences into his installations, Paul aims to showcase that the creative possibilities are limitless and that navigating one’s life can be a beautiful journey.