• Monday, December 11, 2023
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Nimsi Jesus transitions to Gospel music, unveils debut single ‘Trinity’

Nimsi Adeniyi Jesus

The life of music minister Nimsi Adeniyi Jesus has undergone a transformative journey from secular to gospel music. Famously known as NimsiJesus, he’s set to unveil his debut piece titled “Trinity” on October 23, a worship song aimed at kindling gratitude towards God.

Despite the challenging times in Nigeria, NimsiJesus encourages intense worship as a means to seek divine intervention for the nation’s restoration. “We all know that Nigeria is in a critical state and the best way to save this nation is to get God’s attention because He is the only answer to all challenges and aspirations. So, the best way to get His attention for a speedy answer is through exclusive worship.

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Nimsi Jesus’ musical odyssey began in church at the age of 11, followed by a stint in secular music, until he embraced the path of gospel ministry following a divine encounter. He emphasizes that God intervened, redirecting his musical talents to serve a higher purpose.

“God was not involved in my career as a secular musician. I waited for eight years to grow into who Jesus Christ wanted me to be. While undergoing my ministry training without the hope of ever singing again, the Lord spoke to me and added music to my ministry, ” he said.

Hailing from Ile-Ife, Osun State, and with roots in Ila Orangun, NimsiJesus remains steadfast in his mission to follow God’s guidance and gather a dedicated following for Christ.