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Nigerians and Sleep

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Do you know humans are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep? Sleep deprivation has the potential for significant negative side effects than food deprivation. The irony of this is that sleep deprivation by some is seen as a sign of working hard.

Increasingly we find out people try to drive themselves on less sleep while expecting more productivity. The relationship between sleep and productivity is a symbiotic one. If you want to be productive, you need to sleep well. Trying to do the opposite leads to significantly low productivity evidenced in work-related errors, forgetting important details and facts. It ultimately impacts our creative abilities when they are highly needed.

With this knowledge, the average Nigerian still finds it very difficult to spend 8 hours in bed, However the question is this: Why can’t we sleep? We all know the answer to this, if your guess is as good as mine, the word is STRESS.

Stress is the underlying factor that has stopped a lot us from resting and it’s why when the lockdown happened we were all forced to do something we hardly do, which was to pause and rest. To some of us, it must have been extremely difficult to do this but it shouldn’t be the lockdown getting us to rest, it should be a way of life going forward.

Nigeria being a peculiar country comes with its stress levels, which naturally makes sleep the last thing on an average man’s mind, this shouldn’t be. Our health should be our priority hence, the importance of paying attention to our sleep pattern. Here are some ways by which having enough sleep affects our overall system.

Improved concentration and productivity
Improved immune system
A balanced emotional and social interactive state
Controlled weight

We need to embrace sleep and see it as part of paying attention to our overall wellbeing. According to the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, It was discovered in 2016 that 40% of Nigerians have a sleeping problem, let’s reduce the number by paying more attention to our sleep pattern. I have itemized some products that can aid your sleep experience such as:

Pillows: Goose feather pillows and bounce back pillows can help with relieving built-up stress at the end of the day.
A very good mattress: With different types of mattresses in the market, the memory or latex foam aids the sleep experience as it relaxes the entire body.
Diffusers: Some diffusers like the ylang-ylang & amber diffuser enhances the serenity in the room which makes it easier to go to sleep.

Lastly, good sleep is as important as eating healthy and exercising. We should pay as much attention to our sleep lifestyle as we do to our feeding habits, this will lead to an overall improved lifestyle.

Ewaen Sorae is the founder of E’Sorae Group, amongst which are the largest online bedding and homeware store in Nigeria, and in most recent years diversified its portfolio range into developing luxury residential homes.