• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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New year, new wardrobe: Fashion trends to look out for in 2024

New year, New wardrobe: Fashion trends to look out for In 2024

A lot of us are begining to get tired of our current wardrobes. The best 2024 fashion trends are already taking shape, thanks to some fashion shows that took place towards the end of 2023. Fashion ideas are quickly springing forth amongst top designers in Nigeria.

According to glamour.com, in 2023, the biggest overarching fashion trends—Y2K and quiet luxury—seemed to be at odds with each other. The latter championed simplicity over sparkle, and investment pieces over one-season wonders. The other was pure fun and nostalgia. So what do the experts—and the runways—foresee for 2024?

“I think if prices for luxury goods continue to remain as high as they currently are, we’ll see the ‘quiet luxury’ trend stick around for a bit longer,” predicts Emilia Petrarca, who writes the fashion Substack Shop Rat. “It’s just too expensive to take risks on pieces that you might not like five, ten years down the line. Timeless pieces are perhaps a better investment.” Still, she doesn’t think we’re headed for a year of unexciting clothes. Instead, “People are interested in trying a timeless sort of elegance or opulence—not just a boring beige minimalism that’s perhaps safer.”

One safe bet: Secondhand fashion will continue to be hugely popular. But Petrarca thinks we’ll move away from the Y2K aesthetic. As does Jenny Walton, writer of Jenny Sais Quoi on Substack. “I’ve been waiting to see if there will be a sort of 1920s resurgence, followed by a 1930s long silk bias cut dress resurgence,” she says. In the meantime, Walton (and seemingly everyone else on Instagram) has eyes for one dress in particular. “The only thing I’m focused on is how to get one of those flowing silk Prada dresses from the runway.”

According to Real Simple, a fashion blog, for 2024, experts say you can expect to see a continuation of ‘90s-inspired wardrobes a la jelly accessories and collegiate prep, as well as some unexpected moments of inspiration—like grandpa, jazz, and retro femininity.

Here are some top fashion trends to look out for in 2024.

Polished Preppy

While the “covid years” gave us permission to go full goblin mode and encouraged lounge dressing, fashion pros say the industry is now experiencing a direct pushback on ultra casual styles.

“Look for refined shapes and touches of prep and polish,” says Niki English, a stylist and apparel designer with over 15 years of industry experience. “Voluminous suiting in statement colors, along with the return of the polo shirt, signify a desire for this classic, crisp aesthetic.”

Quiet Luxury

According to Real Simple online platform, coinciding with the polished preppy aesthetic is quiet luxury, which is all about wearing pieces that look and feel super expensive but aren’t blazingly so. Think perfect tailoring and high-quality materials versus blingy branding. Also referred to as “old money style,” you can also dive into this 2024 fashion trend with accessories like bags, jewelry, and shoes.

Pops of Color

Capsule dressing remains popular in 2024, now with updated basics in crisp neutrals like black, gray, camel, and white. English says these are accented by pops of color, the most popular being millennial pink (yes, it reigns), lavender purple, canary yellow, and pistachio green grounded by deep navy. “Refresh your existing wardrobe by adding a pop color piece to your neutral look, or make a bold statement by going head to toe in one color,” English suggests.


As consumers become more familiar with the downsides of fast fashion, there’s a rising interest in pre-loved and thrifted items, as well as brands that champion sustainable materials and practices and transparency.

“Look for recycled materials made from ocean plastics, or regenerative materials such as bamboo, seaweed, or other natural fibers,” English says. “There is also a resurgence in wool, linen, hemp, and other plant and animal fibers that had been pushed to the side during the rise of polyester.”


According to InStyle online platform, Fringe in 2024 will inarguably be more refined than what we’ve seen in previous seasons, causing an exciting dichotomy. Due to its size, this fringe is more subtle. Still, its subtlety means it can be incorporated at greater volume into a broader range of pieces like the Giorgio Armani sleeveless collared blouse and Bottega Veneta midi skirt pictured above. TL;DR: The size and refinement of 2024’s micro-fringe make it more subversive than previous, thicker variations.

Business Sensual

The most oft-spotted trend of the 2024 Spring/Summer runways might just be the 2024 fashion trend that’s undergone the most drastic evolution—sheer dressing. InStyle explains that throughout Fashion Month, gauzy sheer fabrics left the realm of ethereal gowns and entered the business casual chat.

Sportmax, Givenchy, Philosophy By Lorenzo Serafini, and Issey Miyake sent blouses, midi skirts, and button-downs down the runway that wouldn’t look out of place in an office setting were they just a shade less sheer. Chanel, Carolina Herrera, and Michael Kors took a slightly different approach with downright conservative hemlines on matching sets, pinafores, and maxi dresses.