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Netflix reviews for weekender week 7

“Forever Rich”
This is a brand new movie directed by Shady El-Hamus that just got released to Netflix, the movie featured Yooth Wong-Loi-Sing as Richie’s manager “Jonas Smulders”, Richie had a partner who had a baby for him and he loved her so much. Richie was a young pop star who was about to hit the peak of his career, he had a very big concert coming up and just a night to the big show he gets attacked and his world comes crumbling almost destroying his entire career, his show and his new record deals, you need to watch the movie to see his come back to the small rookies who almost ruined his life. The 1hr 29minutes drama movie was filled with suspense I kept hoping things will turn out well for him, do check it out.

“The Guilty”
The Guilty is a 2021 movie directed and produced by Antoine Fuqua, the movie featured a Jake Gyllenhaal as “Joe Baylor” who was a troubled Police officer who was moved from the field to becoming a 911 operator, one night during the peak of an outraging fire accident across the city he is confronted with a serious case that he has to help unravel and save the lives of the mum and kids. A simple 1h 30m crime/drama movie; that will keep you at the edge of your seat wondering what coming next.

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Flight is a 2012 movie that you can catch on Netflix now if you missed it earlier, a simple Drama/Thriller movie of about 2h 18m long. The movie featured the famous Denzel Washington my main guy any day any time always leaving above and beyond your expectation, he did a very good job as always here as Pilot Whip Whitaker, one faithful day during the cause of his job Whip was able to save the plane and all passengers on board from a crash that would have wiped them all out. However during the investigations the findings began to reveal some facts that Whip could have being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. If you love drama movies and you are a great fan of Denzel then you might want to check this out.

“The Wedding Party”
If you weren’t able to catch this beautiful ground breaking movie of 2016 in the cinemas then you might want to check it out on Netflix, the movie featured A list actors and actresses and it was one of the most talked after movie 2016, The movie was a well scripted and directed movie by Kemi Adetiba which featured how Nigerian Parents go all out to give their children befitting weddings, the hall, the gift, food, music and costumes all displayed wealth and affluence, not leaving out the battles and rivalries that always occurred among in-laws, especially when they are from different tribes. A very nice family movie one all will enjoy, do check it out Netflix if you haven’t seen, and thank me later.

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