• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Netflix reviews for weekender: Week 34

Netflix reviews


Well for those of you that follow me on a weekly basis, you will notice that I am not a great fan of horror movies, but then I bumped into this one and decided to quickly check it out, it took me a few days to finally make it to the very end. To the story there was a young girl who lived with her parents, she went out one day with her friends, without telling her parents exactly where she was going to. As they hung out in the woods and had drinks, a big creature comes out and attacks one of them, kills one of them and injures several, but then her life was never the same again, after that incidence. Well you will need to watch the entire movie to see how this creature disrupted the entire town. The 97m Horror/Thriller movie was directed by Stig Svendsen, they featured actors like Elli Rhiannon Muller Osborne, Liv Mjones, Arthur Hakalahti, Sjur Vatne Brean, Vidar Magnussen, Oyvin Brandtzaeg.


This was a very captivating story based on true friendship, understanding, love, survival, and the strength of determination, the movie showcased the power of hope and consistency as the key to living longer. The movie was about 2 men who went on a mission and were left behind in the middle of nowhere and an extremely cold Antarctic bare land; the major question will be how to survive till they can be rescued. They will have to do everything within their power to stay alive, by believing in themselves and trusting each other, as the chances of survival grew slim, do check the movie out to see if they made it out of the cold island all in one piece. The 102m drama, adventure, history movie was directed Peter Flinth, they featured acts like Ejnar Mikkelsen, Joe Cole, Heida Reed, Charles Dance, Ed Speleers, Diarmaid Murtagh, etc.


Artan is a young man who had issues with his wife Louise, these issues lead them to being separated for a while, Artan was so upset and disturbed for not being allowed to see his daughter, so he decides to pay his wife a visit in the hospital where she works. On arrival he wasn’t allowed to see her, in the bid to force him-self in, he brings out a gun and takes her hostage, what started out as a simple visit and plea to see his daughter, turns out to become very messy so quickly, attracting the police force and the investigating team. All Artan wanted was to see his daughter and this plea didn’t go down well with the force as they turned down all his requests at the tail end. The 94m Mystery/thriller Swedish movie was directed by Fares Fares, they featured Fares Fares, Alexej Manvelov, Aima Poysti, Stina Ekblad, Annika Hallin. Richard Forsgren and many more.