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Movie review: Title didn’t do justice to ‘Obara’m’, the actors did

Movie review: Title didn’t do justice to ‘Obara’m’, the actors did

ILE OWO (2022)

This movie is one of those movies, you have to start from the very beginning and sit till the end if you will want to understand the totality of the movie, it was kind of deep, scary and complicated but the entire lesson is at the tail end, so wait for it, remember It’s not all that glitters that is gold.

Busola was a young, smart and pretty nurse, she had issues with her boyfriend and decided to stay single till she met this young, handsome and wealthy man, who spoilt her with gifts and trips, to her she felt her life was made and this was definitely her husband, unknown to her this family had deep secrets and past, one she really wouldn’t want associate with, you will need to watch the movie to see if she still married him or not.

The 95m movie was directed by Dare Olaitan, they featured actors like Oko-Kasum, Efa Iwara, Tina Mba, Akin Lewis, Taye Arimoro, Mofe Duncan, Ademola Adedoyin, Temisan Emmanuel and many more.

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OBARA’M (2022)

This was a very simple and beautiful movie, the title didn’t do justice to the nice movie if I must say, but then I was glad I made out time to watch it.

Oluchi was a young pretty young lady that left the love of her life, who was broke for a very handsome guy who was rich and famous, well little did she know that the happy days were going to be short lived and she was going to end back in the trenches, but this time with a kid, she decides to abandon the baby with her dad and run away to the city to start live from the scratch.

Well you will need to watch the entire movie to see how her life came to a halt when her father died due to her negligence and she was forced to carter for her daughter she had left behind for over 8 years.

It wasn’t a bad movie after all and I enjoyed the storyline and the twist towards the end. The 99m Drama movie was directed by Kayode Kasum, they featured acts like Nancy Isime, Nkem Owoh, Darasimi Nadi, Bolanle Ninilowo, Buchi Ojie, Sydney Talker and many more.


If you are searching for another romantic movie to watch this weekend, then you might wasn’t try this brand new simple movie out, Sahra was a brilliant magazine editor, Deniz was a fantastic photographer, they were both doing well.

One day their grand mothers who were neighbours and best friends, decide to set them to meet each, hoping that they would fall in love and have a good relationship. What both grannies thought was going to be a slide in the park, turned out to be one hell of a disaster, allowing them wonder why they gave it a thought in the first place.

The 104m Turkish romantic comedy was directed by Evren Karabiyik Gunaydin & Murat Saracoglu, they featured Ayca Aysin Turan, Ekin Koc, Cagla Irmak, Cagn Citanak, Zerrin Sumer and many more.