• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Meet Oluseyi Michaels, entrepreneur helping people achieve work-life balance

Meet Oluseyi Michaels, entrepreneur helping people achieve work-life balance

Oluseyi Michaels is the founder of Culr, a startup bridging the gap in the leisure industry by helping people lead healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Michaels was inspired to establish Culr in a bid to help people explore leisure experiences at the tip of their fingers despite their busy schedules.

“Culr was founded to make leisure experiences easily accessible to everyone. We have bundled that into a technology, which is an app. On the Culr app, you can find events to attend, experiences to enjoy, travel packages, and activities to help you better your lifestyle,” he said.

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Michaels explains that the experiences of people around him gave him insights as to how hard it was to maintain a work-life balance. He noted that his team primarily focused on building leisure-oriented solutions fit for the highlighted challenges.

“I had friends and colleagues who complained a lot about work stress and talked about the impact of work on their mental health. Some even barely had a life outside of work, and I could very well relate to the problem.

“It was evident that Culr could help in solving these problems, enabling people to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Seeing that our ambitions aligned with a bigger societal impact was very satisfying and we couldn’t help but raise the flag to support the concept of work-life,” he explained.

He added that since the firm wanted to bridge the gap he saw in the industry, he and his team had to understand what the concept of leisure meant to his audience – the youth population, and its impact on them and society at large.

Having worked with about 4 companies, Michaels has spent the past year building, experimenting and understanding customers’ pain points which has impacted its direction and strategy for the year. He hopes that Culr grows to be the Amazon of the leisure industry in the coming years, connecting and enabling leisure operators and end consumers across the world.

“We are a company driven by value and impact, and we intend to provide as much value as possible to as many leisure-related businesses and consumers across the world as we can reach,” Michaels added.

On the product offerings of the firm, Michael’s said,”We have mainly two products. The Culr app is a B2B2C product we have in the works, it is designed to help end consumers discover and purchase various leisure experiences from leisure operators around the world; and Bubli by Culr, a B2B product that helps companies with employee well-being initiatives, team bonding hangouts, corporate gifting, and event planning,” he said.

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He also noted that the firm has plans to rebrand from “Culr corporate” to “Bubli by Culr” which will also see expansions to other states in Nigeria.