• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Meet Nnaemeka Okwara, football scout nurturing young football talents


Africa is distinguished for its abundance of football talent, with Nigeria standing out as a vibrant hub of skill and potential. From grassroots levels to professional leagues, Nigerian footballers showcase exceptional abilities, captivating fans worldwide.

This rich pool of talent not only contributes to the country’s football success but also highlights Africa’s impact on the global football stage. Nnaemeka Agostino Okwara, a seasoned football scout, fitness coach, and the CEO of Nao Sports Management Limited, is passionate about reshaping the landscape of African football through his innovative approach and unwavering passion for the sport.

With a diverse skill set encompassing sports agency, development expertise, and grassroots football initiatives, Nnaemeka Okwara has emerged as a pivotal figure in fostering opportunities for aspiring footballers across Africa and beyond.

Speaking about his multifaceted role, Nnaemeka Okwara stated, “My mission is to empower young footballers in Europe and Africa by providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to succeed in their careers. From securing trials with professional clubs to assisting elite players in securing lucrative contracts, Nao Sports Management is committed to nurturing talent and creating pathways for success. I am committed to nurturing young football talents”.

Driven by his deep-rooted passion for African football, Okwara has spearheaded various initiatives aimed at revitalizing football infrastructure and providing access to quality coaching and mentorship programs. His dedication to elevating African football to greater heights stems from a desire to harness the continent’s untapped potential and showcase its top-tier talent on the global stage.

Commenting on the inherent opportunities in African football, Nnaemeka Okwara emphasized, “African football possesses an abundance of top-tier talent and unparalleled resilience. With the right support and investment, the opportunities for growth and development are limitless.”

On how he scouts for the football talents, he said: “ I have a network of scouts and coaches in Europe and Africa. All I do is observe and pick who I think fits the style of play of a particular football league.

Asked how he became passionate about nurturing African football talents, he said: “My passion for African football stems from a lifelong love for the game. Drawing from my immersion in the football scene in England, I recognized the untapped potential within African football and chose to channel my time and energy into this thriving arena. Africa boasts immense talent waiting to be discovered, and it became clear to me that the next big opportunity lies here. As part of our company’s mission, we prioritize scouting talent, using Lagos state as a prime example, to unearth the brightest prospects across the continent”.