• Monday, May 20, 2024
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Meet Livia Voigt,19, world’s youngest female billionaire

Meet Livia Voigt,19, world’s youngest female billionaire

Livia Voigt, a 19-year-old Brazilian student, has claimed the title of the world’s youngest billionaire, according to the 2024 Forbes Billionaires List.

Livia Voigt’s wealth comes from being one of the largest individual shareholders of WEG, the largest manufacturer of electrical motors in Latin America.

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The company was co-founded by her grandfather Werner Ricardo Voigt, alongside late billionaires Eggon Joao da Silva and Geraldo Werninghaus.

Ms. Voigt has a net worth of $1.1 bn as of April 08. She alongside her older sister Dora Voigt de Assis is among the seven new faces in the youngest billionaire list 2024. Dora, 26, earned her architecture degree in 2020.

Regardless of her wealth, Livia Voigt is attending university in Brazil currently and does not hold a seat on the board or executive position at WEG yet.

However, she is part of the WEG legacy, a multinational corporation with factories in over 10 countries. In 2022, WEG recorded revenues of approximately $6 bn.

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Joining Livia Voigt in the billionaire ranks are the Mistry brothers from Ireland, aged 25 and 27, they inherited sizable fortunes from Tata Sons, a Mumbai-based conglomerate, after their father died in 2022. They each hold an estimated net worth of $4.7 bn as of April 08.