• Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Meet Kehinde Ajose, visibility strategist inspiring youths through podcast


Kehinde Ajose, a visibility strategist and journalist, has announced the launch of his podcast, ‘Conversations with Kenni, with a mission to inspire, inform and entertain individuals across various spheres of life.

Ajose aims to create an engaging platform that sparks thought-provoking discussions and offers valuable insights from esteemed guests.

The podcast, ‘Conversations with Kenni,’ delves into a wide range of captivating topics, including entrepreneurship, lifestyle, entertainment, pop culture and lot’s more.

On how he feels about the birth of the podcast, he said: “I am incredibly excited to launch ‘Conversations with Kenni’ and bring forth thought-provoking discussions that can uplift and motivate our listeners,” said Kehinde Ajose.

“Through this podcast, I aim to share valuable insights from remarkable individuals who have achieved excellence in their areas of expertise. Viewers can expect powerful conversations that delve into personal growth, professional development, and entertainment”.

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‘Conversations with Kenni’ features interviews with a diverse array of guests, including renowned thought leaders, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers from various disciplines. Each episode offers an intimate and candid exploration of a particular subject matter.

Ajose skillfully guides the conversations, providing a platform for guests to share their opinions and insights on a variety of issues.

Kehinde Ajose is a visibility strategist and media practitioner with a passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals through effective storytelling and brand promotion.

He is the founder of Visibility Solutions Media, a media agency that specializes in helping brands tell authentic stories that deliver results, amplify their message, and enhance their visibility.

With his expertise in visibility strategy, Kehinde Ajose has helped individuals and organisations gain visibility for their products, ideas, and services, and become highly paid and influential.

He is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, Donjazzyfied, which draws lessons from an African showbiz entrepreneur and ‘5 costly mistakes entertainers make’.

Kehinde Ajose’s contributions to the field have earned him numerous accolades, including the Africa Visibility Strategist of the Year award at the Africa Honorary Awards in 2022. He is also a regular contributor to The Punch.