• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Meet Izu Nwachukwu, educationist rebuilding hope, nurturing marginalised children’s potential

Meet Izu Nwachukwu, educationist rebuilding hope, nurturing marginalised children’s potential

Recognising the key role of education in lighting the path of growth and development, Izu Nwachukwu, a medical leader, and education policy expert is rebuilding hope, and nurturing the potential of marginalised children from low-income parents.

Nwachukwu, an associate clinical professor of Psychiatry at the University of Calgary, Canada through his foundation is ensuring that marginalised children from low-income communities in rural Africa can live up to their ideals and fulfill their potential donated well-furnished buildings at the Community Primary School, Ubonukam, Onicha- Ezinihite Mbaise in Imo State.

Nwachukwu, speaking on the occasion of the donation of building, furniture, and other school needs, said the event holds a special place in his heart because it was not just any school that was being celebrated.

“As many of you may know, this is the very ground where I not only took my actual first steps in life but also my very first steps into the world of education.

“The echoes of history resonate on these hallowed grounds today, as I was born in this compound while my parents sought refuge in the staff quarters of this very school during the trying times of the Biafran civil war in the late 1960s and 1970s,” he said.

Nwachukwu speaking on why he embarked on rebuilding the school said that education is not merely the imparting of knowledge, but that it is the key that unlocks the doors to endless possibilities.

“Education is the bridge that connects dreams to reality, and it is the most potent catalyst for positive change in our society. With the rebuilding of this primary school, we are not just reconstructing physical structures; we are rebuilding hope, nurturing potential, and fostering a legacy of excellence.

“Today, we celebrate not just the bricks and mortar of a school, but the promise of a brighter tomorrow for the children who will walk through these doors, just as I once did. I am profoundly grateful for the grace and privilege to give back to my community,” he said.

Placid Chike Njoku, the deputy governor of Imo State in his remarks said, “I want to implore all well-meaning Imo people to emulate Professor Nwachukwu by renovating their primary and secondary schools so that the current pupils and students in these schools will enjoy a decent environment for learning.”

Celestina Ukachi Nwagwu, the headmistress at Community School Ubonukam expressed her gratitude to the donor for giving the school a conducive learning environment.


“We rejoice in realising that a messiah has indeed come to rescue our school from total collapse through our illustrious son from this community.

“We are very proud of this honourable and philanthropic old boy. Through this project, Izu Nwachukwu has changed the narrative of this school.

“He has not only built new blocks for us, but he has also provided furniture, exercise books, and other educational supplies, as well as brand new uniforms for our pupils. We encourage other old boys and girls to emulate this act of kindness and also support us in any way that they can,” she said.

Kananyo O. Kananyo, a veteran Nollywood actor applauded the philanthropic gesture of the Izu Foundation to give children from unprivileged communities access to quality education.