• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Meet Gbenro Adeyemo, entrepreneur elevating African art globally

Meet Gbenro Adeyemo, entrepreneur elevating African art globally

Gbenro Adeyemo is the chief executive officer of OMENAI, a platform dedicated to championing visual artists from Africa and promoting African art globally.

Being an entrepreneur passionate about showcasing African art on a global scale with his interest in art which began at a very young age, Adeyemo merged his background in arts and knowledge in technology to curate OMENAI.

He pointed out that his frequent visits to Nigeria allowed him to build relationships with immensely talented artists, fostering his appreciation for the art and the industry.

According to Adeyemo, OMENAI provides a space for African artists, both new and established, to display their work.

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He said, “I want to make African art more accessible to a wide audience which includes art collectors, enthusiasts, tastemakers, home décor, and lifestyle aficionados in a way they will appreciate African arts and the industry by offering artwork at different price points.”

OMENAI was built from a labour of love, he said. Adding that he finds immense fulfilment in knowing that a platform he created can directly impact the creative community in Africa.”

Since its founding in 2021, OMENAI has received support from investors and has gained attention from art collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

“Our growing presence in the market reflects the increasing demand for platforms that promote African art and provide opportunities for artists to showcase their work,” the founder said.

As technology continues to change how art is viewed, OMENAI is geared toward being ready to revolutionise the way people view and engage with art.

Not only has it already broken down geographical boundaries, but it also creates the opportunity to democratise access to art. Adeyemo said the brand engages with its audience through digital platforms, including social media, email, and online collaborations.

On how the company generates its revenue, he said through sales of artwork, commissions, and partnerships with brands and organisations aligned with its mission the company has been able to maintain a steady income.

“While profitability may vary, OMENAI remains focused on its long-term vision of making a meaningful contribution to Africa’s visual arts scene,” Adeyemo said.

Looking ahead the company not only aims to cater to established art collectors but also welcomes individuals new to art collecting.

The platform also targets those seeking education and content around emerging African art, reflecting its commitment to making a positive impact on Africa’s visual arts scene.

“The brand’s desired image is synonymous with making a meaningful contribution to Africa’s visual arts and providing consumers with a platform to support and champion visual artists from the continent,” Adeyemo added.