• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Martini Celebrates 160 Years Legacy in Style

Martini Celebrates 160 Years Legacy in Style

Martini, one of the leading vermouth and sparkling wine brand, lit up Truth Beach Club in Lagos Nigeria recently as it celebrated 160 years of sophisticated taste and unwavering quality.

The event, which was held on the 10th of December 2023, was a joyous occasion for guests to not only honou1r Martini’s rich heritage but also celebrate milestones in their own lives, too.

Martini’s 160 years of refined taste and elegance took center stage as Truth Beach Club transformed into a haven of celebration. The beach was adorned with exquisite decor, mirroring the brand’s timeless elegance and setting the stage for an evening of celebration.

Celebrities, including Eku Edewor, Eki Ogunbor, Simi Sanya Groovy Mono, Daala Amma, Jessica Okoli, and a host of others, graced the celebration, dancing to the legendary tunes of Ice Prince and Young John. The night became a living testament to Martini’s enduring influence on refined taste and luxury.

Reflecting on the celebration, Adrian Watermeyer, Commercial Director, Nigeria at Bacardi, expressed gratitude to everyone who attended and emphasized the brand’s commitment to timeless elegance.

“Martini is a brand that has represented stylish, sophisticated luxury for 160 years, and we are excited to have brought this celebration to Nigeria. Our commitment to quality and taste is evident not only in our liquid, but in everything we do. Cheers to the next 160 years with Martini!”

The guests, a vibrant mix of celebrities, Martini loyalists, and beach enthusiasts, reveled in the laughter-filled ambiance, creating a spirited atmosphere that emphasized the joyous spirit of the occasion.

Martini’s 160th anniversary celebration not only marked history but reiterated the brand’s commitment to be its consumers’ best choice for celebration.