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Lucky Erherha’s journey to transforming Benin city

Lucky Erherha’s journey to transforming Benin city

Benin City, the capital of Edo State in southern Nigeria, has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent years. A region that was once rural and underdeveloped, Benin City is now on the path to becoming one of Nigeria’s most beautiful and thriving cities.

With a population of 1.8 million as of 2021, it ranks as the fourth-largest city in Nigeria, following Lagos, Kano, and Ibadan. The city also boasts a rich cultural heritage, including Egedege N’Okaro, the first storey building in Benin Kingdom, built in 1906.

From a humble upbringing in this part of Nigeria came Lucky Erherha, the founder and CEO of Zumera Property Limited, who shares his journey. Born and raised in a modest family, Erherha understood the importance of hard work and integrity from a young age.

He spent his early years in a remote village, where he took on various jobs to help his family make ends meet. He later moved to Benin City to live with relatives, where he continued his quest for self-improvement.

In Benin City, a city that inspired him with its possibilities, Erherha gained valuable skills in fields like interlocking, sawmilling, and technology. His relentless pursuit of knowledge eventually led him to a job opportunity in Singapore. Although Singapore provided a platform for him to thrive, Erherha felt a deep desire to make a lasting impact in Nigeria by providing opportunities for its hardworking youth.

Driven by this mission, Erherha delved into entrepreneurship, founded Zumera, and embarked on a journey to transform Nigerian cities through real estate and infrastructural development. “Zumera’s core mission is to create value in African communities, providing economic opportunities, and enhancing the quality of life for all residents,” he said in an interview..

Erherha’s vision for Zumera extends beyond real estate; it’s about building communities, fostering innovation, and empowering people. “I believe that by developing world-class infrastructure and architectures in Nigeria, cities can become self-sustaining economic hubs, offering opportunities for every citizen to succeed,” he continued. “Zumera operates on three fundamental pillars: People, Communities, and Innovation. We prioritise human capital development, promote community collaboration, and encourage innovative thinking to drive value creation in every project they undertake.”

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Its maiden project, the Zumera Tower in Benin City, is a 7-in-1 masterpiece with over 20,000 square meters of multifunctional space. It offers a wide range of retail options, world-class hospitality, entertainment, and leisure attractions. The rooftop club and lounge, luxury hotel suites, premium office spaces, fine dining restaurants, and a state-of-the-art auditorium are among its unique features.

Further, Erherha’s choice of Benin City as the location for Zumera’s flagship project is rooted in his emotional connection to the city and its rich cultural history. He sees it as an opportunity to restore the city’s prestige and glory, creating a vibrant urban center that can serve as an economic hub and cultural melting pot.

“Beyond real estate and innovative structures, Zumera places a strong emphasis on community impact,” he said. “We believe that building a community of quality people is essential for innovation and transformation, hence why our CSR initiatives focus on education, welfare, healthcare, and technology development within Benin City.”