• Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Leading the charge in tech innovation: Oritsetinmeyin Igbene develops Nigeria’s first SMS to AI Service

Leading the Charge in Tech Innovation: Oritsetinmeyin Igbene develops Nigeria’s first SMS to AI Service

Oritsetinmeyin Igbene, a tech expert and entrepreneur, has once again set a benchmark in the technology sector with the launch of Nigeria’s first-ever SMS to AI service.

This unique innovation, which combines traditional SMS technology with advanced artificial intelligence, is a testament to Igbene’s expertise and his commitment to pioneering accessible technology solutions.

Drawing upon his vast experience with Whispa Konnect and getLinked.ai, Igbene has developed a service that embodies innovation and originality. Powered by Africa’s Talking technology to facilitate USSD development, this service is designed to democratise AI, making AI accessible to even the most remote or underserved populations across Nigeria.

“True innovation solves problems by transforming everyday life,” Igbenene said. “Our SMS to AI service is not just a technological breakthrough; it is a pathway to empowerment, enabling millions without internet access to harness the power of AI.”

The SMS to AI service allows users to interact with AI-driven systems via simple SMS codes. This feature is revolutionary as it transcends the typical barriers of digital technology by eliminating the need for internet connectivity.

The service’s potential applications range from enhancing agricultural practices to facilitating medical consultations and financial planning, thereby profoundly impacting various sectors.

Recognition as an Industry Expert

Oritsetinmeyin Igbene’s role in developing this service further solidifies his position as a leading expert in the tech industry. His innovative approach and the successful implementation of such a pioneering technology have garnered attention and praise from peers and industry leaders alike.

“Igbene’s work is a remarkable display of ingenuity and understanding of market needs,” says a prominent tech industry analyst. “His ability to integrate AI with traditional communication methods is nothing short of revolutionary.”

With plans to expand the reach of this service in collaboration with major Nigerian telecom providers, Igbene is focused on scaling the benefits of his innovation. The ongoing negotiations aim to establish partnerships that will ensure the service’s integration into everyday activities, making AI a common utility.

Recognising the significance and potential impact of this service, Igbene has taken steps to protect his innovation through trademarks and copyrights, ensuring that the originality of this project is preserved.