• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Lagos Theatre Festival: A fusion of urban artistic diversity, creativity

Lagos Theatre Festival: A fusion of urban artistic diversity, creativity

The recently concluded Lagos Theatre Festival 2024 brought together diverse theatrical performances, captivating audiences, providing a platform for cultural exchange and bridging the artistic landscapes between Nigerian talents and their global counterparts.

It showcased the talent and creativity of local and international theatre artists with plays, musicals, and poetry performances.

From immersive conversations around the theatre to thought-provoking dramas, attendees were treated to a rich tapestry of storytelling that reflected the cultural vibrancy of the festival.

Theatre lovers could not contain their excitement at the rich array of drama productions curated by Lydia Idakula, the artistic director. Each of the plays showcased, including Anatomy of a Woman by Nevana Productions, Tuti by Kininso Koncepts Productions, and Before I Let You Go by B/Rated, was overwhelmingly attended, eliciting different emotions from the audiences.

Meanwhile, the showcase of the LTF highlighted the power of theatre to bridge gaps and foster understanding in a world marked by differences with captivating performances from Niall De Burca, one of the top storytellers from Ireland.

Speaking at the LTF showcase event in Lagos, Bikiya Graham-Douglas, executive director of Lagos Theatre Festival, said the event presented an opportunity for more collaboration, and amazing, created pieces which bring to the fore the fact that theatre is the bedrock of all entertainment.

According to her, the event is not just about celebrating the creative art industry, but it creates opportunities for artists to express themselves in any sort of medium they choose, capacity building, and engaging the youth.

She said the past years have been challenging especially with the Covid, adding that this has enabled the organisers to grow and expand their knowledge in the theatre business.

Gbemi Shasore, chief executive officer of Quramo said the festival is very rich with lots of plays, different directors, styles and varieties that any theatre lover would not want to miss.

Shasore said theatre is a very collaborative platform as it represents the coming together of theatre lovers, directors, and artists with a niche and presents the opportunity for everyone willing to convey a message through their work.

She lauded the board and running committee of the LTF for keeping it alive with the correct narrative that prompted cheers from theatre lovers.

On her part, Tola Akerele, incoming director general of the National Arts Theatre, said the organisation of the Lagos Theatre Festival is very commendable.

She said the renovation of the National Arts Theatre, provides creatives with the opportunity to come up with theatre production in the space all year round and not just during the festive period.

She said that part of her agenda in her new role is to ensure that theatre producers and artists no longer create works in silos but collaborate to be able to embark on production which can eventually be exported to earn foreign exchange.

Akerele said the renovation work going on at the National Art Theatre presents an opportunity to align with creativity, culture, and community on a grand scale and redefined standards of theatre art space.