• Friday, April 12, 2024
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Japa: Top 5 cheapest countries to study in Europe 2024

Japa: Top 5 cheapest countries to study in Europe 2024

Embarking on a European education journey offers a chance for international exposure and cultural immersion.

Despite the significant costs associated with studying abroad, various budget-friendly options exist for students looking to minimize expenses and make the most of their overseas education experience.

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Here are 5 cheapest countries to study in Europe in 2024:


Poland stands out as an affordable and attractive destination for international students due to its low cost of living and reasonable tuition fees. With a rich history and vibrant culture, Polish universities, such as the University of Warsaw and Jagiellonian University, offer high-quality education in English at an average annual tuition fee of N3.4m to N6.8m (€2000 to €4000).

Beyond academics, Poland’s cultural heritage, showcased in cities like Krakow and Warsaw, provides a compelling backdrop for a well-rounded student experience.


Hungary remains a top choice for budget-conscious international students, offering diverse study programs and globally-ranked universities. Recognizing the value of attracting international talent, Hungarian higher education institutions have kept tuition fees low, averaging around N5.1m (€3000) per year.

With its renowned academic tradition, captivating landscapes, and vibrant cultural heritage, Hungary provides an exciting and affordable environment for students pursuing various fields of study, such as medicine, engineering, and business.

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Estonia, renowned for its tech-driven education and innovation, is ideal for budget-conscious international students seeking a top-notch academic experience. The country’s universities offer diverse courses in an entrepreneurial environment, attracting those interested in technology and engineering.

With average tuition fees ranging from N3.4m – N5.1m (€2000-€3000) per year and a reasonable cost of living, Estonia provides an affordable yet high-quality educational landscape for students pursuing fields such as computer science and business.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a sought-after destination for international students seeking quality education at a more affordable rate than many other European counterparts. Renowned institutions like Charles University and Czech Technical University offer a diverse range of programs in English, making Czech language proficiency optional for international students.

With a generally lower cost of living, including accommodation ranging from N516,592 – N774,889 (8,000CZK -12,000 CZK) per month and tuition fees typically ranging from N1.7m – N25.5m (€1000-€15000) per academic year, the Czech Republic provides an attractive academic and cultural environment for students worldwide.

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Greece, renowned for its ancient history and scenic landscapes, is increasingly popular among international students seeking affordable education. The country’s universities, both public and private, are well-funded by the state, offering low tuition fees, averaging around N2.5m – N5.1m (€1,500- €3,000) per year for undergraduate and graduate programs.

With a reasonable monthly cost of living ranging from N850,000 – N1,1m (€500 – €700), Greece provides students with a unique blend of academic and cultural experiences, despite the predominantly Greek language of instruction, which some universities offset by offering English-taught programs in fields like engineering, business, and tourism.