• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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International Women’s Day 2024: Celebrating 20 young women making strives in their own way

International Women’s Day 2024

Chidinma Love Aladi, Creative Director, DinnysCakes

Aladi is an entrepreneur gaining ground in the baking industry in Owerri. She is the Creative Director of DinnysCakes.

The mother of two has baked over 500 cakes for different occasions and has already made an impact by training countless people. She graduated from Imo State University in 2017. She went into baking fresh after school, then got married and got pregnant, and the real struggle started. She was able to juggle being a wife, a mother, and a career woman at the same time.

Aladi said her secret to success is continuous learning and consistency. Over the years, she has paved the way for herself by being very determined and docile.

Quote: ‘When you are consistent, growth automatically finds its way to you, I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m grateful for how far God has brought me’ ~ Chidinma Love Aladi

Ella Chuku celebrates her journey from being a UNILAG Student to a leader in the event industry

In 2007, as a second-year Economics student at UNILAG, she was brimming with dreams but lacked real-world experience. Fueled by a desire to make a difference, she took a leap of faith and entered the world of event planning, starting with no prior expertise. Despite facing initial uncertainty, her first project proved successful, igniting a fire within her.

With the unwavering support of her family, she embraced a multifaceted approach to the industry, delving into various aspects like decoration, baking, catering, and even crafts. After graduating, she leveraged her existing 3D design skills and ventured into stage design, even before fully mastering the craft. This bold move proved to be a turning point. Securing a major project for an MTN concert opened doors to further opportunities and collaborations with renowned clients.

Her journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, self-belief, and the willingness to embrace diverse skill sets. Today, on International Women’s Day, she celebrates her story and hopes to inspire others to forge their unique paths to success.

Quote: “For Women Who Dare to Dream: Embrace innovation and find your unique approach: Don’t be afraid to break away from the mold and carve your path. Build a business model that fosters sustainability and scalability. Consider long-term growth and adaptability as you build your venture. Focus on solving real-world problems. Let your business solutions address genuine needs and create a positive impact.” ~ Ella Chuku

Meet Ifeyinwa Okafor, a digital parenting coach and entrepreneur

Okafor’s digital parenting coach entrepreneurship journey is marked by a commitment to empowering parents and individuals, steering them through the complexities of parenting in the 21st century.

According to her, she came into this space two years ago with a mission to foster a balanced and healthy relationship using technology.
Within the space of two years in the industry, I’ve been able to impact over 600 parents and individuals across 14 countries globally,

Quote: ‘In offering advice to parents and individuals seeking digital wholeness, open communication, setting clear boundaries, and actively participating in a child’s virtual life’ ~ Ifeyinwa Okafor

Grace Oyeniyi: Serial intrapreneur, HR professional

Grace Oyeniyi is a well-versed professional, an accomplished scholar, and a public speaker with several years of specialised experience growing and managing businesses. Over her multi-year career, Grace has worked with a broad range of organisations, from start-ups to enterprises and even multinationals, ascending from grassroots levels to strategic positions, Grace has cultivated a multifaceted career trajectory, progressively advancing her expertise and influence within organisations.

As a woman, she has faced several challenges, including being a top female executive in sectors dominated by men, but she remains undaunted.

She holds an MBA from Rome Business School and is a recipient of the Rising Star Award at the PAWENPreneur Women in Professions Award in Africa as well as the Girlity Recognition Award in Abuja.

QUOTE: “One of my significant challenges has been instrumental in shaping the type of HR professional I am today” ~ Grace Oyeniyi

Meet Rebecca Osewa, an agripreneur and dynamic creative designer

Rebecca Osewa is the founder and chief executive officer of Yield Initiatives with the desire to contribute her quota in building and reclaiming Nigeria’s economy using the fashion industry.

Osewa has an extensive skill set in textile production from weaving to printed fabric with over 10 years in the creativity industry.

QUOTE: “It’s time to break the systemic barriers and bring the once-thriving industry back to Africa” ~ Rebecca Osewa

How Hadiza Ali Amodu is building a thriving fast-food business in Abuja

Hadiza Ali Amodu, a 25-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Six7 Restaurant, a fast-food business in Abuja, has proven that following one’s passion can lead to remarkable success in the world of entrepreneurship.

After graduating with a degree in human physiology from the University of Bingham, Nasarawa state, Hadiza knew that she wanted to be self-employed and then delved into the food business, despite her parents’ initial reservations.

Recognizing the importance of marketing, Hadiza invested in online digital classes to improve her promotional strategies. Slowly and steadily, her efforts paid off, and Six7 Restaurant began to gain traction.

QUOTE: “To succeed, it is important to have a creative mind, strong work ethic, and passion for your craft. Be consistent, and proactive, remember that you are the face of your brand.” ~ Hadiza Ali Amodu

Meet Olatorera Balogun co-founded Natavi Consulting and Investment

Supply chain disruptions have remained one of the major challenges facing entrepreneurs globally, as it affect their ability to get raw materials for operations and finished goods out to customers.

To help Nigerian businesses solve supply chain issues, Olatorera Balogun co-founded Natavi Consulting and Investment. Since then, she has been at the forefront of driving innovation and growth across businesses.

Her passion for improving operational efficiency, combined with her extensive experience has positioned her as a trusted partner for organisations seeking to achieve seamless business operations.

Over the years, she has built an exceptional career as a supply chain professional with outstanding results to show.

One of these notable achievements is her role in streamlining supply chain operations for multinational corporations, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

QUOTE: “The untapped innovative potentials that reside in our youth can be harnessed through learning the applicable standards required, and then commit to continuous improvement.” ~ Olatorera Balogun

Aderinsola Jolaosho, co-founder, ThePush Consulting

Aderinsola Jolaosho undoubtedly stands out as a voice in today’s communication sphere. Like numerous others, she faced her fair share of challenges in the past while seeking a suitable career path for herself.

However, little did she realize that destiny had reserved a special place for her within the realms of digital communications in the country.

Inspired by her strong desire and passion to help brands, especially small businesses that require assistance to showcase their products and services, Aderinsola with Tobi Durosinmi-Etti – her co-founder established ThePush Consulting in 2021.

Since its establishment, ThePush Consulting has emerged as one of the leading start-up consultancy and communication firms in the Lagos metropolitan.

QUOTE: “Money is not the first thing in starting a business, rather building capacity and social capital should come first. Money follows value, which is my most important piece of advice to other entrepreneurs.” ~ Aderinsola Jolaosho

Chiemela Anosike, founder of Solaris Green Tech Hub

Chiemela Anosike is the founder of Solaris Green Tech Hub – a renewable energy company providing solar power charging booths and micro-power solutions to rural communities across Nigeria.

To help tackle energy poverty in Africa’s biggest economy and drive green jobs and clean energy, Chiemela was inspired to launch Solaris.

The young entrepreneur used her personal funds to kick-start Solaris and built the company before seeking investors’ funds.

QUOTE: “Before you venture into something, consult people in that field on the right steps to take.” ~ Chiemela Anosike

Chenaniah Bamishile, Founder, Niah Foundation

In the face of the glaring lack of mental health awareness programmes in Africa’s biggest economy, Chenaniah Bamishile, a social entrepreneur is on a mission to make a difference.

With unwavering dedication, she founded the Niah Foundation in 2021, a social enterprise that combines innovation, outreach, and empathy to foster a nation where mental health is understood, accepted, and nurtured.

The 22-year-old recognized that effective education requires tailored strategies, so she and her team have harnessed the power of creativity.

Today, Niah Foundation’s uniqueness lies in its commitment to raising awareness and its ingenious approach to breaking down barriers to knowledge consumption.

Ayishat Olanrewaju – Founder, Corporately Lucid Limited

Ayishat Olanrewaju, Founder of Corporately Lucid Limited, a digital media agency offering effective digital media solutions to help them communicate with their ideal audience, achieve their goals, and make an impact. She has a BSc and a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from Caleb University and University of Lagos respectively. She is also a PhD Candidate at Pan-Atlantic University, studying Media and Communication.

She is certain that great ideas need to reach the right people. What is the use of an excellent idea if it does not get to the right people who need such an idea? An idea can be great, but who knows about it? Who benefits from it?, she asked. This goes the same for brands who build effective services and outstanding products, but their ideal audience has yet to learn such brands exist.

Her journey into the digital media industry began when she was searching for jobs in her early career days. She tried hands on several personal projects and later took on some clients as a side gig while working full time for my 9-5 jobs. Later, she launched Corporately Lucid. Today, Corporately Lucid is a full-service digital media agency working with brands globally to help them tell their stories, connect with their audience, and make an impact.

QUOTE: “Be a lifelong learner: Digital media is a fast-paced industry, so it is essential that you are up-to-date about the updates and changes on relevant platforms. You cannot rely on your previous knowledge alone; you must find ways to stay current and offer relevant value. You can take courses, read informative articles, follow the right people on social media, attend suitable events, etc. Learn the business side of things: Regardless of your business’s field, you must never forget you are a business owner. Learning the business aspect of what you do is not negotiable. It would advance you in the industry.”

Quincy Archibong, Creative Director, Kwinarchi Fashion Academy

A fashion tutor who started tutoring fashion designers from her father’s sitting room and has grown into the owner of one of the fastest-rising fashion academies in Nigeria.

Archibong is gaining ground in the fashion industry. She is the Creative Director of Kwinarchi and lead tutor at Kwinarchi Fashion Academy.

The passionate fashion designer has impacted the lives of many designers through tutoring both on-site and off-site.

Her journey into the fashion industry started in 2013 when she was in JSS 3, she has consistently nurtured and grown her brand to what it is today.

In 2019, she graduated from University of Calabar with a bachelor’s degree in History and international studies, shortly after she took a bold step of Upgrading and gaining mastery in her craft.

She attended Prudential Fashion Academy in 2022 where she was professionally certified. In less than a year, she established her academy “Kwinarchi Fashion Academy” A standard fashion academy in Calabar, the first of its kind.

Amara Rebecca Eze, overcoming odds to excelling in Mathematics: A journey of persistence and passion

Amara Rebecca Eze has made a deep impact in the mathematical field and has become a mentor for many. She pursued Mathematics education at the Federal college of education (Technical), Umunze, where she finished with distinction as the best graduating student. Then graduated with a first class in pure and applied mathematics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

She got a fully funded offer to do her Ph.D. in mathematics at Clarkson University U.S.A , she later moved to Morgan State University,U.S.A, where she is currently pursuing her fully funded Ph.D. in Computational and Industrial Mathematics. There are so many areas to explore in the mathematical field, which Eze is excited about. Eze is not only a Ph.D. student but also a teaching assistant, chasing her passion by inspiring the younger generation of mathematicians.

QUOTE: “Never give up on your passion, no matter the obstacles. Work hard, be prepared and remember, opportunities often meet those who are ready.” – Amara Rebecca Eze

Odirachukwunma Ugwu soaring from University of Nigeria to Morgan State University

Odirachukwunma Ugwu is the second child of eight siblings. She is currently a second-year PhD student at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. Her educational journey began in northern Nigeria at Therbow School in Zaria where passion for mathematics was laid. The 25 year old, studied Pure and Applied Mathematics at the University of Nigeria, where she graduated with a First-Class degree. Eze attributed her success to God’s grace and favour combined with hardwork and determination. Despite her initial doubts, she obtained admission and a fully funded scholarship to do my PhD degree at Clarkson University, Potsdam NY and later transferred to Morgan State University to work with her PhD advisor who has been very supportive throughout my PhD journey.

Currently, in her second year of PhD program, she is passionate about her research on “Developing Efficient Iterative Schemes for Solving Bilevel Variational Inequality Problems.” She aims to develop algorithms that address real-life problems through mathematical optimization.

QUOTE: “Pursue your dreams fearlessly and seek information and guidance from the right sources. The traditional timeline for obtaining a PhD is evolving, and opportunities abound for those willing to seize them. Applying directly for a PhD after your bachelor’s degree is very possible, and there are many fully funded opportunities available, I am a living proof of that. Also, bear in mind that the journey is rigorous but the rewards are immeasurable”. -Odirachukwunma Ugwu

Arinze Chinazom: Succeeding where peers fear to tread

Globally, the automobile business is mainly controlled by men, but Arinze Chinazom the founder of Autogirl, is not deterred from an industry dominated by the male gender.

Chinazom, a law graduate, was inspired to establish Autogirl owing to her love for cars and the challenge she faced during her undergraduate studies.

She identified an opportunity in the automobile industry and grabbed it with both hands.

Chinazom formally established and registered Autogirl in 2019 as a one-stop shop for vehicle sales and rentals, Private Jet, Boat/Yacht rentals, and security escort services.

QUOTE: “Do not limit yourself, it is possible.There is no level that is unattainable,” she says. “If you put your mind to it, you can do it”

Dora Enwere, entrepreneur empowering communities

Dora Enwere’s foray into entrepreneurship and philanthropy is fueled by her commitment to effecting positive change and nurturing hope.

As a serial entrepreneurs and a psychology expert, Enwere aims to make a meaningful difference in her community and beyond.

As the founder of OnDeemove logistics, Girlsential, Hydeparksocialhouse and House of Slayers, Enwere’s ventures are diverse yet united by a common thread: positive impact and her education at the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) have been instrumental in this journey.

QUOTE: “Entrepreneurship is never easy but always worth it. Hard work and consistency are key. Start small, understand your market, and don’t follow the crowd. Create your own wave.”

Bashiru Bolatito Arinola, the banker turned fashion designer

Bolatito, founder of StyledByTito
quitted her banking job to pursue her passion for fashion in 2016, was inspired to establish StyledByTito owing to the disappointment and constant frustration experienced by individuals and businesses when patronizing designers in the country.

She was also inspired to change people’s perceptions of the profession by building a trustworthy and successful brand.

QUOTE: “Be consistent! Be loud and unapologetic about your business. Tell everyone who cares to listen about what you do.”

Daramola Fiyinfoluwa, entrepreneur making unique accessories

Daramola Fiyinfoluwa is the chief executive officer of Mad About Scrunchies (MAS), a business that sells scrunchies, claw clips and gift boxes in Lagos and Ogun State.

Fiyinfoluwa was inspired to establish MAS in 2022 to spice up the corporate look on her campus – Covenant University.

The young entrepreneur says her business started with N40,000, but it made its first sale five days after its launch.

QUOTE: “Start wherever you are with whatever you have because nobody has it all figured out, You do not need to do something big for it to be great, you can simply fill a gap nobody has identified and create value.”

How Eneghalu is supporting Africans get into tech seamlessly

To help young African talents get into tech seamlessly, Joy Eneghalu, founded More Techies in 2021. The business develops African no-code talents in tech and provides companies with access to a high-skilled resource pool.

Talents in More Techies participate in the academy or the Talent Accelerator Program after which they work with companies across the globe.

Grace Amuzie

Grace Amuzie is the founder of Isrina Schools – a low-cost learning centre that offers basic quality education to less privileged children.

Amuzie accepts plastics and other waste materials that can be recycled from parents as payments for their ward’s school fees.

As an advocate for Sustainable Development Goal 4 – quality education, she is committed to seeing children from low-income households in Ajegunle have access to basic quality education.

QUOTE: “I am not close to where I intend to get to, but one thing I’m always thankful for is the fact that I started.”