• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Inspiring inclusion: Non-profit organizations paving the way for women in tech

Inspiring inclusion: Non-profit organizations paving the way for women in tech

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, the theme “Inspire Inclusion” takes center stage, urging us to reflect on the progress made and the work that still lies ahead in achieving gender equality, particularly in the tech industry.

Despite significant strides, a stark reality persists, women remain underrepresented, comprising less than a third of the world’s workforce in technology-related fields, according to a report by The World Bank. However, amidst these challenges, there is hope, and that hope is embodied in the tireless efforts of non-profit organizations dedicated to empowering women in tech.

These nonprofit organizations act as rays of hope,actively working to dismantle barriers and foster an environment where women not only thrive but also feel valued and included. Through a variety of initiatives, such as mentorship programs, educational initiatives, and advocacy efforts, these organizations are making tangible progress towards gender equality in the tech sector. By providing support, resources, and opportunities, they are equipping women with the tools and confidence needed to excel in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Here are 4 of such organizations inspiring inclusion:



With a visionary goal of empowering 5 million African women over the next decade through its Women Techsters program, Tech4Dev is committed to providing access to essential digital, deep tech, and soft skills necessary for success in the technology ecosystem. Through a series of activities spanning various African countries, the fellowship seeks to cultivate a community of tech-savvy women who not only have equal access to job opportunities but also possess the entrepreneurial mindset to build and scale tech-enabled businesses and startups. By addressing the digital gender gap and fostering economic growth, Tech4Dev’s Women Techsters Fellowship is driving meaningful change and empowering women to uplift themselves and their communities.

Women in Data

Women in Data is a dynamic community dedicated to empowering women to pursue careers in data, irrespective of their backgrounds or skill levels. With a bold vision set for 2030, Women in Data aims to impact the lives of 10 million individuals and achieve a significant milestone of 30% female representation in data careers. Through their inclusive approach, Women in Data seeks to break barriers and increase diversity within the data industry. By providing support, resources, and opportunities for women to thrive in this rapidly evolving field, Women in Data is not only shaping individual careers but also driving meaningful change towards a more inclusive and diverse data workforce.

She Code Africa

She Code Africa is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls and women across Africa to thrive in STEM careers. With a mission to bridge the gender gap in technology, She Code Africa offers hands-on training and events focused on technical and soft skills development. Through offline workshops, bootcamps, and virtual communities, they provide a supportive environment for women to learn, inspire, and educate one another. With core values centered around teamwork, community, technical growth, leadership, and visibility, She Code Africa is not only empowering women to excel in STEM but also creating a vibrant and inclusive community where every woman’s voice is heard and valued.


Her Tech Trail, a non-profit organization, envisions an Africa where women stand proportionally represented in every facet of the tech industry. With this vision in mind, their mission is clear: to empower and inspire women to excel and lead in tech careers and businesses throughout Africa. Anchored by core values such as Gender Inclusion, Technical Growth, Community and Teamwork, Leadership, and Visibility, Her Tech Trail is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and diverse tech landscape. Through their initiatives and advocacy, they provide support, resources, and opportunities for women to trailblaze their paths to success in the tech industry.

As we reflect on the efforts of these non-profit organizations, it’s clear that their impact extends far beyond individual empowerment. They are catalysts for change, shaping a more inclusive and diverse tech landscape for generations to come. By continuing to support and champion women in tech, these organizations are not just inspiring inclusion; they are driving a fundamental shift towards equality and empowerment in the tech industry.

Together, we can create a tech industry where women not only thrive but also lead the way in shaping the future of technology.