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Inside Air Peace’s brand new E195-E2 aircraft

Inside Air Peace’s brand new E195-E2 aircraft

In the past few weeks, most passengers who have flown with Air Peace on its local routes have had to experience the comfort and aesthetics of it’s new E195-E2 aircraft.

Air Peace last month deployed some of these brand new aircraft into domestic operations, after taking delivery of three E195-E2 aircraft this year from its 13 firm order. The airline also has purchase rights for 17 of the same aircraft type.

The airline said it was expecting five more of these aircraft before the end of 2021.

It is therefore the delight of many Nigerians to fly on the world’s latest brand new E195-E2 as no airline before now had deployed a brand new airplane on any domestic route.

The Air Peace brand new E-195 aircraft with flight number P47443 from Lagos and Abuja to Gombe landed in grand style on Wednesday as the airline commenced it’s inaugural flight into the State.

An elated passenger on the Gombe flight told BusinessDay he was so exciting to be flying a brand new aircraft.

“This aircraft is really lovely. The take-off and landing was really smooth. The leg space is good and the aesthetics is one of a kind. I really want to thank Air Peace for counting it’s passengers worthy to fly on a brand new plane. I really feel special,” the passenger who identified himself as Hassan told BusinessDay.

The E195-E2 has three additional rows of seats, when compared to the current generation E195, and it can be configured with 120 seats in two classes of service, or up to 146 in a single class.

The aircraft also has a significant increase in range of 450 nautical miles, which allows trips of up to 2,450 nautical miles.

The E195-E2 aircraft has a dedicated wing, with the highest aspect ratio among single-aisle jets, increasing fuel efficiency.

The aircraft is intelligently designed with a combination of colourful interior materials, with interior lights illuminating the onboard experience.

The overhead bins offer more space for hand baggage. The new seats also catches the attention of passengers as they all have a USB port, and are designed to give passengers’ legs some extra space.

The Embraer E195-E2 is the most sustainable and fuel-efficient aircraft in its class!

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For those who have the chance to try out Air Peace’s E2 fleet, you might find something interesting in the cabin layout.

Instead of a standard 1-2 seat layout in business class, the airline has chosen to go with Embraer’s staggered seat layout. This means all travelers have direct aisle access while still offering a 2-2 configuration.

Air Peace is the first airline to configure a premium cabin with its staggered seat option.

Each of the 12 Business Class seats is slightly offset from the other to give more space and privacy.

There are three rows of seats arranged two-by-two at 51-inch pitch on the 124 seater aircraft. Passengers by the windows have unobstructed access to the aisle; they don’t need to awkwardly step over their seatmates or ask them to move.

“The new 124-seat E2s complement the airline’s eight 50-seat E145s flying with Air Peace Hopper. The Embraer fleet will create greater regional and domestic connectivity from the carrier’s Lagos hub.

Considering Air Peace is planning to use the E195s as feeder flights from its long-haul operations, having a premium business class cabin will go a long way for passengers.

Moreover, those on domestic legs will undoubtedly enjoy the new cabin and overall E2 experience.

As the E2 becomes more prominent in Air Peace’s fleet, passengers are to expect their deployment on more domestic and international routes.