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In the spirit of giving: Gift ideas for the festive season

In the spirit of giving: Gift ideas for the festive season

The custom of exchanging gifts during the holidays goes far back and it has continued without much questioning for its origin; it has simply become a practice that “just is”.
With the festivities around the corner, questions of what presents to give our loved ones to show how much we appreciate them are starting to bug our minds.

While we are not obligated to buy presents, we are often inclined to express our love and gratitude through this love language. From colleagues and friends to family and lovers, the question of the “right gift” cannot go unanswered.

You are better equipped with knowledge of the intricacies that determine how appropriate or appreciated a gift might be but here are a few ideas to guide your options.

Gift hampers
It might be a grave offence if I did not begin with this timeless gift idea. This is practically the champion of holiday gifts in Nigerian homes. I think the charm of holiday hampers lies in its magic of catering to the whole household; there is usually something for everyone, from sweets and biscuits for the kids to wine and nuts for the adults. Your next meal could even come from the contents of the basket or box.

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The simplicity of the idea does not undercut its value, it is received with smiles and gratitude year after year because of its thoughtfulness.

The flexibility of gift hampers remains unmatched; pre-packaged or custom, small budgets to larger budgets, hampers can be tweaked to match your pocket, time constraints, personality and nature of relationship with the recipient.

Hampers do not have to be limited to food items alone, you can put anything is a hamper to make it more personal and they could even be thematic.

Food platters
Nothing says “Thank you and happy holidays!” like trays of yummy chops. Whether it’s small chops platters, seafood platters or even dessert trays, it’s very difficult to go wrong with edible appreciation. Just be sure to know if your intended recipient has any food allergies…oops!

Self-care package!
This year has been exhausting! Whew! While it was inconvenient for some, it was downright horrific for others. Each person’s story has a different colour. It’ll be incredibly kind to give another the chance to steal a few hours to themselves to relax and rejuvenate.

Bath bombs, rose petals, scented candles, beauty face masks, a gift card for a spa day are some contents of a package that says “I care for you and you should too”.

Don’t forget to send a warm note with the package!

Handmade/Personalized gifts
When it comes to gifts, the thought is everything. People closest to you want to look at something you got them and let it scream “I was thinking about you and only you”. A ‘one size fits all’ approach to gifts giving, gets you through your list of persons but does it get you through to them? People are able to cherish a gift more if they connect with the thought behind it.
A photo album of important memories or milestones shared through the year, regular items with personalized messages, custom items, etc. usually warm the heart.

Get sentimental!

Nice thingsssss!
People love nice things.

This is usually a safer bet if you don’t know a person well enough to get more personal with their gift.

Nice things can typically range from jewellery to shoes to clothing and accessories or even practical household items. You might be shocked how many people need a new iron or a new set of sheets. And of course, a new pair of shoes wouldn’t hurt.

Um … or just get them what they said they want

I don’t see how you could miss with this. This is a real test of how much you paid attention to those around you all year and a possibly fatal blow to your pocket. At some point, a couple subtle or not-so-subtle “I want (insert probably expensive thing they would rather not buy themselves) for Christmas” might have been dropped here and there.

This gift option is not for the faint-hearted and is usually reserved for those closest to you.

You. Yes, you reading this. That thing you want that you would rather not buy yourself, are you at least whispering in the right Santa’s ear?

The options are not always expensive but oftentimes, you would have to put in the work.

Dear Secret Santa,
Call meee, I have a few things on my list too.

In the giving spirit of the festive season, be kind to those around you. Spread love and happiness. Volunteer your time and resources to those in need and put smiles on faces that have seen tough days.
Happy almost holidays!!

Oluwamayomikun (Mayo) Deji-Omotayo is a young lady driven to becoming the best version of herself. Currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, she spends a lot of her time researching and analysing different economic elements, learning from more seasoned minds and brainstorming on possible solutions. Mayo is also partial to the creative arts and spends her free time touring the arts scenes of the cities she finds herself in and writing her own creative pieces which she enjoys working with others to bring to life. She understands the imbalances in society and is passionate about giving back as much as she can to bridge the gap. She has volunteered her time and skills to a few causes over the years , focusing on the development of young people and is currently the Team Lead of the Community Service Project team in her university . She dreams of a Nigeria that works and is focused on playing her part in achieving that