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“I won a brand-new car from the Bolt Mega Bonus Challenge and my life changed” – Sunday Adewale

Earlier this year, Bolt announced winners from its Mega Bonus Challenge, which recorded wide participation from drivers.
In a chat with Mr Adewale Sunday Adetayo, grand prize car winner, a driver on Bolt and a father of 4, he talks about his experiences as a full-time driver and the impact this has had on his life post lockdown.

Q: When did you start driving on Bolt, and what was your occupation before joining the platform?
I started driving on Bolt in April 2019, but I had worked in different organisations for about 13 years before that. I also worked as a driver at a missionary school and later joined a car hire service at the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos. During my time at the airport, a friend introduced the ride-hailing service to me, but I quickly joined Bolt because I was convinced that it was the most beneficial ride-hailing platform for drivers. Since I joined Bolt, my life has completely turned around, and I have been enjoying a lot of compensation like weekly bonuses, HMO, and others offered by the platform.

Q: Please tell us more about the HMO package from Bolt.
Drivers on Bolt enjoy free healthcare under a rewarding HMO package. The HMO package is monthly and is accessible to drivers who meet the requirements. They have given this HMO package to thousands of drivers, and my family members also benefit from the health care plan. So, it has been a wonderful experience to have access to a good healthcare plan for my family and me.

Q: You were lucky to be one of the winners from the Bolt Mega Bonus Challenge. Did you have your own car before winning the grand prize?
No, I didn’t own one but was using a car I got from a dealer at the time. After winning the car from the challenge, I subleased the previous car to a new driver.
I would also like to say that in my experience, one of the major challenges people who would love to drive on Bolt have, is having access to vehicles they can own. I understand Bolt now has a new vehicle financing scheme where drivers can now get brand new vehicles with low equity repayments. There are many drivers out there looking for opportunities to get cars to drive on this platform. The vehicle financing scheme is a necessary initiative, and I am pleased about that.

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Q: Are there any commitments to Bolt regarding the car you won from the challenge, and how has the experience been with other drivers and riders?
No. It is an open offer. Bolt did not ask me for anything, and there is no condition attached to it.
My fellow Bolt drivers are still impressed by an initiative like this, and they keep congratulating me. For riders they feel more secure while wondering if it is an official car. The Mega Bonus Challenge came at a perfect time for other drivers and me. It helped us to cushion the effects of the pandemic as well as compensate for our efforts. We never expected such an initiative like this that helped a lot of people in the country. Some drivers won home appliances and vouchers. I also won a voucher in March 2021, which gifted me N45,000 worth of fuel.

Q: What did you do differently from the other contestants that made you win?
I was on track even before the challenge was announced. I had been giving myself daily targets as I drive. Time management was also very instrumental.

Q: Does it mean that one would have to drive full-time on Bolt to enjoy the benefits?
In my opinion, part-time drivers cannot get the same result as full-time drivers. However, my advice to part-time drivers is to maximise their free periods, especially weekends and holidays, which are peak times to make good money.

Q: How has being a Bolt driver helped your finances and enabled you to be your own boss?
I have worked in different companies for 13 years since I graduated from the university, like I said earlier. To compare those years to what I am doing now, I can boldly say that this is better. Driving on Bolt gives me the flexibility I never enjoyed as an employee. I now work on my own time and decide when to operate. The more time and effort I put into it, the more money I earn. So, I can see the comprehensive benefits in terms of my finances and overall well-being.

Q: What was your onboarding and training experience like when you first joined as a Bolt driver, and what advice do you have for new drivers?
My onboarding process at Bolt was quite thorough. I had to take an assessment test as a potential new driver. After successful completion, I was then invited to an onboarding process which required that I submit all necessary car particulars and documents. We also watched instructional videos on best practices in several situation, including picking a rider.
For new drivers, I encourage them to go through all the learning materials. For example, please listen if there is an alternative route, or the rider has a preferred route. So, at the end of the journey, the experience would have been pleasant for both parties.

Q: The commission for drivers has often been a debate. What is your opinion on it?
The commission is okay for me, especially when you look at it objectively. At first glance, you may not realise that Bolt does not charge as much compared to other ride-hailing platforms. Also, Bolt has bonuses that help to ease out the cost of the commission. The awesome bonuses existing drivers enjoy on the platform include a lucrative HMO package, fuel vouchers, and weekly/daily bonuses.

Q: For average Nigerians looking to earn extra income or become their own boss, what do you advise them?
Driving on Bolt is very profitable if you plan well. Bolt is a very good alternative for people looking to earn extra income to make ends meet. Driving on Bolt full-time is also good for Nigerians looking for a steady source of income.

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