• Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Here is how you can protest if you cannot be there physically

Here is how you can protest if you cannot be there physically

The last few days in Nigeria will not be forgotten in a while. All over the country we have witnessed a massive display of activism by Nigerians calling for the ban of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a squad that has ended the lives of many innocent Nigerians. Thousands of Nigerians have taken to the streets to join this protest, abandoning all else, this is a noble and important thing to be a part of as we strive for change.

However, not all of us are able to go out and protest, no matter how much we may believe in the cause. Some of us are not physically able to participate in protests so if you are feeling like you should be doing something, here is a list of ways you can help if you are unable to go out and protest.

Spread Information through social media

Even if you cannot be there physically, you can share resources and information that you think can be useful to protesters on your Instagram story, feeds and group chats. For instance, you can send in videos of police brutality that you can see online or that are sent to you by protesters. This is a way to join the protest but you must proceed with caution as it is important to make sure your fact-checking is accurate and not wrong information.

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Shelter protesters from danger

There have been situations in the past week when protesters are suddenly attacked by the police or other groups. If your home is nearby a protest route, you can put up a sign in front of your home letting protesters know they can seek shelter in home when in danger. You should also encourage your neighbours to partake in this practice. Another thing you could do is having supplies in your home that protesters might need during protests

Offer to be an Emergency Contact

If you know anyone going for a physical protest, you can ask them if they need an emergency contact. Ask for their full name and date of birth and check in on them so you are aware of their whereabouts. In case they call in for help, do all you can to provide the help they need.

Buy supplies for protestors

Many Nigerians have done well in this aspect over the past week and you can join them. Protesters will be in need of food and snacks, water bottles, hand sanitizers, face masks, water bottles and first aid equipment. You can pick any of these items or any other thoughtful idea you have and provide for protesters, this will make a huge impact.

Donate to bail funds

Protesters are at the risk of being arrested and put in jail during protests. You can offer to pay bail for arrested protesters. There are many bail funds accepting donations, you can find credible donation platforms on social media and donate to this cause. This act will help someone who cannot afford bail. Also, if you are a lawyer by profession, you might want to consider representing arrested protesters.

Sign Petitions

Yes, signing a petition makes a difference. A petition is signed online usually through a website. You can sign the petition by adding your details such as name and address. Typically, when there are enough signatories, the letter may be delivered to the subject of the petition. The beauty of this is that when we sign petitions, our information becomes visible to others, including organizers and people who might sign later. The signature list becomes a database of potential recruits for activists. There are a ton of petitions regarding police reforms in Nigeria right now, you should find one and sign it. If you can not find a petition, create one and tag people to sign it.

Contact government officials

Search online for the numbers and emails of government officials and demand reform and justice. Use your social media effectively, tag them on posts, write them open letters, hold government representatives accountable. They might not reply, they might not see it or they might but keep doing it.

In the long run, don’t stop speaking out against injustice and for police media to educate co-workers and friends. Don’t stay silent just because you can’t physically attend protest. You must be a part of the change that is happening in any way you can.