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Here are the world six most expensive universities

Here are the world six most expensive universities

It was Claus Moser who once said; “Education cost money, but then so does ignorance.” This is in tandem with the philosophy of Aristotle who said that education is the best provision for old age.

Hence, wise parents spare no dime in ensuring that their children get the best of learning and schooled in the best of institutions.

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Here are the six most expensive and highly rated universities across the world.

Harvey Mudd College, California

The Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California in the United States of America is a private liberal arts college that has its primary focus on STEM majors and PhDs in areas like mathematics, science, engineering, and IT, it thus has Silicon Valley credibility.

Students in Harvey Mudd College pay up to $79,539 (about N126, 785,166). The college was established in 1955 as an elite institution, its undergraduate engineering programme is ranked as the best in the US. If students want that prestigious education, they will have to pay handsomely for it.

This award-winning college may cost more in the end than most people’s dream home, but graduates seeking employment know Harvey Mudd College armed them with the Excalibur of education.

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Columbia University, New York

Columbia University was founded in 1754 and it is the oldest university in New York. Undergraduate degrees that are most popular are political science, economics, computer science, psychology, neuroscience, and history as well as the myriad of other available fields. Graduates will leave Columbia University wielding their proof of education with confidence.

The university charges up to $66,383 (about N105, 814,502). Columbia has 84 Nobel Prize winners, the highest tally for any US university.

Notable alumni include four US presidents: Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Barack Obama, and Art Garfunkel to name but a few.

Columbia University is one of nine Colonial Colleges, which is a group of universities founded before the American Revolution. There are more than 33,000 students enrolled in 2023 and staff number 6,229 individuals.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston,

The institution is popularly known as MIT, however, only few know that this comes from its full name, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was founded in 1861.

The cost of schooling in MIT is about $65,000 (about N103,610,000). MIT graduates are hired by ground-breaking companies like Google, Boeing, and Apple and earn an average salary of over $80,000 (about N127,520,000). More than 50 percent of all graduates go straight into a job after graduation.

Of 26,914 applications for undergraduate study in 2023, only 1,259 were given a place. For those undergraduates that do make it, tuition and fees cost a little over $48,452 (about N77,232,488), which isn’t too bad in comparison with other universities. But once room, board, books, and other materials are added, parents will spend approximately $65,478 per year.

Renowned for engineering and the physical sciences, space, and computing programs, MIT graduates have featured as a third of the astronauts in manned US space flights. Buzz Aldrin is an alumni. As the MIT story goes: “We are fun and quirky, elite but not elitist, inventive and artistic, obsessed with numbers, and welcoming to talented people regardless of where they come from.”

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Oxford University, United Kingdom

Education at Oxford University began in the year 1096, making it the oldest English-speaking university in the world.

This historic university, known for research sciences over nine centuries, lives on as one of the world’s most prestigious centers of higher learning, and the United Kingdom’s most expensive to attend.

Its cost about $62,000 (about N98,828,000), and there are currently more than 26,000 students enrolled with slightly less undergraduates than postgraduate students making up that figure. International students make up 46 percent of the student body.

The University of Oxford generates an incredible £15.7 billion to the UK economy, providing more than 28,000 full-time jobs.

Oxford University like Cambridge University has a reputation for producing some of the best minds in the United Kingdom and the world. Famous alumni include Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Hugh Grant, David Cameron, Oscar Wilde.

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California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California

California Institute of Technology (CalTech) is a private research university that had its beginnings as a preparatory and vocational school in 1891 and assumed its current name in 1920.

It has a strong emphasis on science and engineering. CalTech is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the world thanks to its technological innovation through the years. It costs about $55,000 (about N87,670, 000).

NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory is located on the CalTech campus. The university’s geophysical research is world-renowned along with its seismic study and mineral physics research.

Arguably the most important CalTech feature when choosing a university is that it is located in sunny California! Students can go surfing and then shop at Rodeo Drive in Hollywood.

The price of a world-class education in such a beautiful environment remains comparable to other top-rated universities.

University of Cambridge, Cambridge

Historical records of the University of Cambridge date back to 1209 when the area was an ancient Roman trading post, making this the second-oldest university in the United Kingdom, and the third-oldest university in continuous operation in the world.

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Cambridge currently has 24,270 students and 12,437 staff. There are an amazing 121 Nobel Prize laureates associated with the University of Cambridge

Cambridge holds a global reputation for innovation and offers a great connection between academia and business life.

It is distinctive as a ‘collegiate’ university, being made up of faculties and departments in various academic subjects and a total of 31 Colleges (29 of these accept applications for undergraduate study).

Some famous contemporary Cambridge alumni include King Charles III, Dame Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Sacha Baron Cohen, Stephen Hawking, and John Cleese.