• Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Here are 10 tuition free US universities for Nigerians, others

Here are 10 tuition free US universities for Nigerians, others

Dreams can be aborted due to a lack of information. For international students across the globe who might be looking for tuition-free institutions, these dreams can be achieved in many USA institutions.

Here are the top 10 tuition-free universities for the 2024/2025 academic session in the USA; Alice Lloyd College, Berea College, City University of New York (CUNY), College of the Ozarks, and Curtis Institute of Music.

Others are Deep Springs College, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, State of Washington Universities, U.S. Academies, and Webb Institute.

Alice Lloyd College: The institution is a four-year liberal arts university located in Pippa Passes, Kentucky, United States. The university is one of the best tertiary institutions in the top 10 tuition-free universities in USA.

It was co-founded by journalist Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd and June Buchanan in 1923, first as Caney Junior College. Also, apply for Canadian Government Scholarships 2024-25 in Canada (fully funded).

Students also get a free laptop to make use of when they are in class. Alicia Lloyd College offers the opportunity to different majors in a range of subjects. The most popular majors are business, manufacturing, family studies, and human development.

The institution offers degrees in a wide range of fields, along with pre-professional programmes. Students work 10-20 hours per week to pay other personal bills.

Berea College: Berea College is a private liberal arts college in Berea, Kentucky. It was founded in 1855, and the institution distinguishes itself from other postsecondary institutions by offering free education to students and being the first university in the southern United States to be mixed and racial.

Every student who attends the university obtains a full-tuition scholarship worth more than $25,000 (about N37,500,000). The university also supports students with other costs, for example, food, room, and board, by giving a work-study programme.

City University of New York (CUNY): The institution is the public university system of the city of New York. It is the largest urban university system in the US, it was founded in 1961 and has 24 campuses: eleven senior colleges, seven community colleges, an undergraduate honours college and seven postgraduate institutions.

The university offers full-tuition scholarships to students who join their teacher academy. Every student who enrols is eligible and is entitled to a full-time teaching position at a New York school upon graduation.

College of the Ozarks: The university is a Christian, non-tuition liberal arts college in Point Lookout, Missouri.

The institution is a conservative Christian school that happily discourages student debt. Besides, the college has an affiliation with the Presbyterian Church.

Students are expected to work 15 hours per week to be qualified for tuition-free. In addition, the institution favours applicants who are considered financially in need.

The university offers over 30 academic majors in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programmes; the major courses include business, teaching, education and criminal justice.

Curtis Institute of Music: The institution is a conservatory that offers courses for a performance diploma, a bachelor’s degree in music, a master’s degree in music opera or a certificate of professional studies in opera. It offers full-tuition scholarships to everyone who gains admission.

The institution accepts only 160 new students once a year, and students are assured of quality education from one of the best music conservatories in the world.

Deep Springs College: Deep Springs College is a small, private liberal arts junior college on an isolated in Deep Springs Valley, forty miles from Bishop, California.

It is an accredited two-year college that offers full scholarships per student, valued around $50,000 (about N75,000,000).

With less than 30 students at a time, the university is one of the smallest institutions of higher education in the United States.

Students are enrolled on a work-study basis and are majorly employed in the institution’s cattle ranch and Alfalfa farm to fund tuition, room, and board along with other expenses.

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering: The university is a private undergraduate engineering college in Needham, Massachusetts.

At one point, the school offered a complete tuition scholarship to anybody who attended. The institution has since reduced the scholarship policy by 50 percent.

However, it still offers one of the largest merit scholarship grant programmes in the country to all admitted students.

State of Washington Universities: The institution makes the list of the tuition-free universities in the USA for international students.

Both the University of Washington and Washington State University offer need-based programmes that pay full-tuition expenses.

U.S. Academies: The Academies are among the tuition-free universities in the USA. The five United States Academies comprised of U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy and U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

Students who attend any of these U.S. academies get full tuition-free. Besides, students are entitled to a monthly stipend in substitution for service.

Webb Institute: The Webb Institute is a private undergraduate engineering school located in Glen Cove, New York. Each graduate of the university obtains a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Admission candidates receive full tuition for four years.

It is ranked by the Princeton Review as one of the best-value colleges in the United States.

Moreover, the institution is recognised for providing high-notch engineering education and full-tuition scholarships to anyone who attends.