• Monday, April 22, 2024
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Hard work is the bedrock of success-Lola Odeyale Ayo-Fashida

Hard work is the bedrock of success-Lola Odeyale Ayo-Fashida

In a world where instant gratification often tempts us away from the path of diligence, hard work stands as a testament to resilience and character. It’s the bridge between potential and achievement, turning aspirations into tangible results.

Lola Odeyale Ayo-Fashida is a shining example of how diligence and dedication can lead to success in unexpected ways. Though she started her career path as a microbiologist, Ayo-Fashida has become a multi-talented force in the world of finance and management consulting.

Ayo-Fashida’s journey is a testament to her diverse skills and unwavering passion for helping others. With over two decades of experience across various industries, including healthcare, education, finance, and human resources, she has established herself as a trusted advisor and transformational leader.

Her impressive academic background includes an MBA in Human Resources from Obafemi Awolowo University, a M.Ed in Career Counselling from the University of Ibadan, and a PhD in Personnel Psychology, also from the University of Ibadan. Ayo-Fashida’s dedication to professional development is further evidenced by her fellowships and memberships in numerous esteemed institutions.

“Hard work is the bedrock of success,” reiterated Ayo-Fashida, reflecting on the lessons she’s learned in her professional journey. “One must work hard and ensure all one does is done excellently.

Also, avoid eye-service and work with all your heart. Be loyal. Be a person of integrity. Be honest; avoid lies, avoid cheating or duping people. As a leader, care for people. Help people in your own capacity with the little you have. Social capital and goodwill are valuable currencies to spend in the world of business and as one moves up the leader. Be an ardent learner. Self-development is essential for growth.”

Shedding light on the challenges she faces as a woman in a predominantly male-dominated field and how she has been able to overcome them, Ayo-Fashida emphasized, “I face two challenges: one is the societal pressure to use my body for personal gain, leading to misconceptions about my success. The other is the prevalent belief that women, especially those of smaller stature like myself, lack analytical abilities and are looked down upon.

“To overcome these challenges, I focus on self-development through regular reading and study, striving for excellence in all endeavors, and adhering to sound principles and values.”

Her dedication to children’s enlightenment, youth development, and women’s empowerment is reflected in her involvement in ongoing projects. “One of them is LOVE4JAMB: covering JAMB examination fees for students in public schools in Ogun and Oyo states, benefiting 50 students since 2023.

“Another is Business grants for single mothers: providing grants to single mothers in Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, and Ilorin to start or expand their businesses. Beautifying His Jewels is about visiting orphanages, providing essential items, and offering financial support. For the Back-to-school program, we distribute educational materials to promote academic excellence, benefiting 2000 students to date. We are also involved in other projects.”

As the convener of Finance and Investment South West Summit and an author of three books, Ayo-Fashida shared a memorable moment from her non-profit organization, Outpour of Fragrances Initiative: “There are many memorable moments from all our projects. Each time people smile, I am happy but one which always comes tops is the Reach out project we did in 2020 during lockdown. We gave foodstuffs to fifty families and all the beneficiaries prayed from their heart.”

Reflecting on her personal interests, Ayo-Fashida, a personal development enthusiast and singer with two albums to her name, expressed, “To me, music is medicine to my mind and body. I dance every day. It is a way to show gratitude to God, it is a way to relieve stress. For me, music boosts my overall well-being.”